Get your head in the cloud

If you want to tell someone to be more realistic you might say: “Get your head out of the clouds.” But in fact, you have to do the exact opposite if you’re an IT security professional charged with managing security in today’s increasingly cloud-based world.

Channel centric

Having joined Juniper Networks as Director Partner Sales, Middle East and Africa, earlier this year, Claire Jones shares company updates and the way forward for channel partners.

Smart capture

This is the age of the web. With technology advances in cloud, mobile and social, the paradigm shifts in information management have and are moving fast – to the web. Web-based capture will be a game-changer for growth and survival of organisations in the Middle East. The advantages are huge!

BYOD is here to stay

Your employees are undoubtedly bringing their own devices to work, whether or not you have a BYOD policy in place. Rhonda Chicone, Faculty Member, Kaplan School of Business and Information Technology, explains why you should start settling on a BYOD policy now.

Mubarik Hussain, Head of IT, Petroserv

Fresh infrastructure: the grass is greener

Bogged down by legacy systems and stubborn employees, Petroserv’s IT was suffering. The Qatari firm’s Head of IT, Mubarik Hussain, shares his story of how he instigated a complete technology overhaul, and has since reaped the rewards.

Mobile moments

In the consumer world, mobility progressed in three general phases: initiation, evolution, and maturity. Although the consumer marketplace is now enjoying the benefits of the maturity stage, the enterprise world is still stuck somewhere between initiation and evolution.

Next-gen cybersecurity leaders

The digital transformation of businesses globally, with emergence of Smart Cities is changing the very definition of security role, from being a technology centric to more of a business-centric executive role, forcing the security leaders to get more involved and be responsible for securing business processes and operational technologies that control Smart Cities and critical infrastructure of a nation.

Securing the network

Cricket Liu, Chief DNS Architect, Infoblox, discusses the potential of passive DNS in protecting network infrastructure.

The big transformation

Over the past half-decade, the Big Data flame has spread like wildfire throughout the enterprise, and the IT department has not been immune. The promise of data-driven initiatives capable of transforming IT from a support function to a profit centre has sparked enormous interest.

Security of things

Philippe Roggeband, Business Development Manager, Cisco Security Architecture, explains in-depth how organisations can tackle the challenges around Internet of Things (IoT).


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