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“Industry expertise is at the very core of what we do”: Epicor’s Andy Coussins

US-based global business software company Epicor, has told its customers that it’s committed to helping them adapt and evolve, so they can benefit from the opportunities presented by Industry 4.0.

The remarks were made by Andy Coussins, SVP and Head of International – Epicor Software, during their annual MENA Customer Summit, which was held at The Royal Mirage Hotel, Dubai.

In a fascinating keynote presentation, Coussins highlighted that throughout Epicor’s decorated and illustrious 47-year history, the software company has always embraced change in order to meet the evolving demands of its customers and end-users.

Coussins said, “Epicor is 47 years old, we were established in 1972. We’ve always been brave and bold enough to embrace technological change and evolve to satisfy the needs of our customers. Industry expertise is at the very core of what we do.”

In addition to this, he pointed out its aggressive investment strategy, and that the company was enjoying excellent growth as a result of its progressive approach to integrating new technologies such as AI and Internet of Things into its existing product portfolio.

Epicor’s SVP added, “We’re investing very heavily in our products, and we’re growing at a very healthy pace. Epicor has had 54 software releases in the last 18 months, which serves to indicate how aggressive we’ve been in our pursuit to have the best innovations and products for our end-users.”

The IT industry is now entering the era of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, and Coussins conceded that the introduction of cloud has propelled the process.

He said, “All of our major product lines are modernized, but the pace of change is accelerating due to the advent of disruptive new technologies such as Cloud, Big Data and AI.”

His sentiments were echoed by Lawrence Martin, SVP, Product Development, Epicor, who used his keynote presentation to highlight the impact Industry 4.0 is going to have on business.

Martin said, “Industry 4.0 is creating an intelligent, connected, global, multigenerational and experimental world. It truly is an exciting time.”

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