Linksys launches 4X4 Wireless AC Router

Linksys has announced its first 4×4 Wireless AC router aimed at households with multiple internet users as well as single users that use the internet for high bandwidth applications such as gaming or video streaming.

The SMB play

Amanullah Khan, Regional Director, Emerging Markets, Linksys & Belkin, elaborates on the company’s strategic plans to refocus on its SMB origins.

Linksys launches wireless range extenders

Linksys has announced its new lineup of Wi-Fi Range Extenders. The new Range Extenders help maximise wireless coverage and help eliminate ‘dead spots’ in the Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home.

Linksys announces IP surveillance cameras

Linksys has announced the expansion of its small business solutions with a line-up of indoor and outdoor IP surveillance cameras and a network video recorder for remote and live monitoring, playback and recording.

The Chinese invasion

The Middle East is renowned for producing impressive results in relatively short time frames, but TP-Link believes that longevity and a commitment to an innovative roadmap are in demand in the region. Is TP the missing link for the Middle East?


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