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Actifio reveals new features for VDP technology

Actifio has recently announced a series of new features and functional enhancements aimed at better supporting the number of customers leveraging its patented Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP) technology in support of DevOps use cases.

Ease of endpoints

As the oldest and of the most trusted banks in Saudi Arabia, there’s a lot riding on National Commercial Bank’s …

Clearing out the pipes

Though organisational growth is a positive development, company expansion inevitably means more pressure on the IT department. With a dramatic growth path on the horizon, Saeed El Hala, Vice President of Business Systems, Future Pipe Industries knew that he would need a solution to manage and leverage the new data coming down the pipes.

Get smart

Regional governments have a mandate to smarten up their services. If managed correctly, these smart services can go far in breaking down barriers between government agencies and their citizenship.

Vintage tech: Motorola MicroTAC Elite

Long before we began to carry tiny mobile computers in our pockets, the world’s tech elite were strapping massive, clunky mobile phones to their belts. Motorola’s line of MicroTAC mobiles, first released in 1989, sat proudly on the high-end of mobile technology for the time.

Common ground

Telecommunications and connectivity are becoming hot political topics. As both sides debate regulation versus market freedom, Bocar Ba, CEO, SAMENA Telecommunications Council is tasked with reminding parties with different interests of their common goals.

Flying home

Patrick Naef, Divisional Senior Vice President of IT, Emirates Airline, did not spend his entire career in the aviation industry. However, when he was offered a position at Emirates, he knew he had found his new home.

Information Security TITLeS Interview

[jwplayer player=”2″ file=”″] This TITLeS is an interview giving you the top thought leadership on Information Security on a global …

Ericsson: Networked Society to benefit major industries

The Networked Society is important in all aspects of life today, and especially going forth into the future. It is a starting point for innovation, socialisation and changing the way in which whole communities interact and live their lives.

Protect your data

Currently the top concern of many organizations is whether or not their security is sufficient to protect their information and …

PlayStation Network recovering from outage

Sony may have spoken too soon when it declared early on Saturday that its PlayStation Network was stabilizing after an attack brought it down on Christmas Day and kept it unavailable for most of Friday.


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