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NEWS ‘FLASH’ – Pure Storage expands E Family product portfolio

Pure Storage has announced the expansion of its disk replacement-focused Pure//E family of products with the all-new FlashArray//E.

Delivering on the promise to relieve customers from the constraints of disk, FlashArray//E will expand customers’ options to tackle data growth down to 1PB without the need for frustrating offline archives or expanding expensive disk systems.

Earlier this year, Pure Storage launched FlashBlade//E, a scale-out unstructured data repository built to support unified file and object workloads. Today, the launch of FlashArray//E extends the Pure//E family to support unified block and file while providing seamless capacity scaled up to 4PB.

FlashArray//E will enable customers to benefit from an 80% reduction in power and space, 60% lower operational costs, and 85% less e-waste compared to disk.

With the same phenomenal pricing, operational and energy-saving benefits as FlashBlade//E, there’s a Pure//E family model for all enterprises — no matter the protocol.

“Legacy disk solutions, marked by high costs, massive data center space requirements, and inefficient energy usage, are ill-equipped to support the evolving needs of today’s modern enterprises. Founded on the vision of replacing mechanical storage in favor of an all-flash data center, Pure Storage — with the expansion of the Pure//E family of products — is eliminating the last remnants of disk in the enterprise,” said Ajay Singh, Chief Product Officer, Pure Storage.

Industry Significance:

  • Data continues to grow at a monumental rate. This is unsustainable for large-capacity, price-sensitive workloads leveraging legacy and disk-based storage solutions that are ill-equipped to manage growing demand.
  • While enterprises have found short-term solutions to manage the limitations and expense of disk — including taking data offline to be archived on systems that take up to several days to get back — temporary fixes significantly slow the pace of the business.
  • FlashArray//E provides a cost-effective alternative to disk, reducing data center space and eliminating inefficient power usage without storage trade-offs.

News Highlights:

  • FlashArray//E enables customers to finally say goodbye to the last hard disk drives in their data center by delivering the simplicity and efficiency of flash for all file and block data repositories. Benefits include:
  • Disk Economics at Any Scale: With FlashArray//E, the Pure//E family expands support capacity down to 1PB (previously from 4PB). With a continued offering under $0.20 per GB with three years of support, Pure//E delivers an always-available data repository built to handle exponential data growth with industry-leading energy efficiency (5x less energy than HDD).
  • Choice of Purchasing Models: In addition to traditional purchase, customers can deploy FlashArray//E and FlashBlade//E through either a new //UDR service tier of Pure Storage Evergreen//One™ Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) subscription or through Evergreen//Flex™. Evergreen//One is an SLA-driven STaaS offering that provides pay-as-you-go economics and a cloud experience with the control of on-premises deployment. Evergreen//Flex provides customers the ability to own their storage arrays while still taking advantage of consumption economics based on asset utilization.
  • Industry’s Largest Flash Drives: FlashArray//E will include the upcoming release of the industry’s largest 75TB QLC DirectFlash Modules with built-in non-volatile RAM (DFMDs). Pure Storage anticipates DirectFlash® to target 300TB flash modules by 2026. Customers will see unmatched savings in power and space, providing 20x the reliability that DirectFlash supplies and driving over 4x more energy efficiency compared to competing all-flash arrays.
  • Continuous Innovation, Without Extra Cost or Disruption: Through the Pure Storage Evergreen® architecture and subscription, customers can continuously access new FlashArray data services at no additional cost, released monthly. Pure Storage’s always-improving feature set ensures customers continue to receive more value and capability without disruption.

“All-flash arrays have changed the way companies of all sizes across industries approach modern storage architectures, and Pure Storage has been a key vendor in developing this market. Pure continues to expand their portfolio to provide data centers with more options to modernize storage infrastructure with the scalability, flexibility, and predictable performance that end users demand for current and next generation workloads,” commented Dave Pearson, Research Vice President, IDC.

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