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Uber launches new portal for women in Saudi Arabia

Uber has reportedly launched a registration portal for women in Saudi Arabia. The portal, accessed through a separate ‘Masaruky’ landing page on its website, aims to increase women’s participation in the workforce through access to affordable transportation.ead

Furthermore, the new platform will serve as a one-stop shop for Saudi women interested in driving on Uber once the driving ban is lifted in the Kingdom on 24th June.

Uber’s ‘Masaruky’ (“your path” in Arabic) also aims to increase women’s access to flexible economic opportunities through Uber’s technology.

According to Uber, the new landing page will cater to expected interest from women looking to benefit from extra earnings opportunities through Uber once they have received their licenses.

Ohoud Al Arifi, Uber marketing manager in Saudi Arabia, told local media that they are keen to continue creating change that’s meaningful and improves the experiences of Saudi women with Uber.

“So, whilst we have historically provided women in the Kingdom with mobility options that previously didn’t exist, our new Masaruky landing page for women is an exciting extension of that journey,” he said.

He also highlighted that many women in the Kingdom have already recognised that Uber is the right choice for anyone who wants to make an extra earning from the flexible economic opportunities the technology provides on their own schedules. “we hope the new registration portal will help address any queries they may have as they gear up to start driving on the Uber app.”

In addition to the new landing page, Uber has also announced that it is in the process of rolling out its first women’s Drivers support center in Riyadh. The new center, located in Riyadh, will see incoming female partner-drivers benefit from a fixed destination for all questions, comments and inquiries.

Uber will also partner with key stakeholders to onboard new female partners, facilitating paperwork, training and access to vehicles for women interested in registering to the application.

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