A ‘fen do’ CNME

Sathya Mithra Ashok, Senior Editor, CNME

It is not every day that you go to China.

Earlier this month, I was invited by networking and communications vendor, Huawei Technologies, to visit their headquarters in Shenzhen and I wasn’t one to say no.  Truth be told this was not my first visit; I had been to Huawei’s headquarters back in 2007. However, four years can bring about a lot of changes, and you really feel them when the company has only recently officially launched its enterprise business and is still building a solutions portfolio for the business group. (Read more about that and its larger ambitions starting page 14).

There is a lot you can learn from different cultures and the Chinese one is a treasure-trove. But the words of wisdom that I carried home with me this time can be summed up in the Chinese term ‘fen do’. As described by Dr Zhu, professor at Huawei Univeristy (an on-campus school run by the company for its employees and partners), ‘fen do’ brings together dedication to a goal, hard work to back up that dedication, aim towards and achievement of  performance, and the attainment of success by creating customer value.

Fen do is convincing; fen do with attitude is irresistible. And that’s what you will be seeing in the new CNME.

Yes, come January 2012 we have a brand-new CNME for you.

The new CNME brings together the well-established, highly respected industry expertise and knowledge of the last 20 years, with a forward-looking design that integrates content and trends from all areas of ICT in order to become the one-stop magazine for insight, analysis and information related to the ICT industry in the Middle East.

The new CNME will bring together seven comprehensive sections within its pages – Solutions World, Network World, Security Advisor, Storage Advisor, Integration Advisor, Telecoms World and Careers Advisor. By doing so, the new CNME will evolve beyond its legacy of the last few years, to become a true regional title and address the transformational technologies and processes of today and the future.

This in turn will establish the new-age magazine as the go-to-source for growing enterprises to make decisions on everything related to their ICT investments and management, and for vendors and service providers to understand the challenges that they need to solve for enabling market development in the future.

The changes in the magazine will be reflected in our highly successful online platform (, and you will see the integrated face across all our regional events for 2012 as well. (You will be able to see the whole calendar of these events on our website very soon.)

The new CNME is fen do with attitude – and it is set to become the path-breaking ICT magazine of the region come January.

New year,  new beginnings. And with the new CNME, we are certainly taking that to heart.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly can’t wait for 2012.  Happy ‘fen do’ New Year everyone.

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