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Software AG supports next generation agile business leaders

Software AG has announced that it is to introduce the next generation of business leaders, currently studying at University level, to the latest business process optimisation technology and techniques.

According to the company, it is making its ARIS business process design and optimisation software available at no cost to universities throughout Germany, the first phase of a global roll-out. The ARIS University Program is targeted at business and management students and will prepare them for the increasing role played by business processes optimisation in today’s globalised economy, the company said.

Information technology (IT) indisputably lies at the heart of today’s new business models. However, the business agility required to successfully compete in rapidly changing, global markets requires full synchronisation of business and IT strategies. Software AG’s University Relations Program acknowledges this, providing the business agility technology needed by today’s graduates in designing business processes, monitoring the operational business in real-time and rapidly reacting to changing business conditions, the company added.

“Software AG has successfully trained over 10,000 IT students in the latest business process technologies in recent years”, said Jürgen Powik, director University Relations. “We are now extending the program to business management students opening new possibilities for cooperation between students now, and new opportunities for their future employers after graduation. We are bridging the communication gap between business and IT students at university level ensuring that students can make an immediate business impact after graduation.”

“Business process optimisation technologies and skills are essential to march towards a knowledge-based economy. Through Software AG’s proven expertise, the region’s business students will be able to better harness technology to attain optimal levels of enterprise productivity and performance,” said Marco Gerazounis, senior VP Middle East North Africa and Turkey, Software AG.


Software AG presented the new ARIS University Program at CeBIT 2012 recently. Furthermore a showcase for the construction industry was presented, developed in cooperation with the Darmstadt University of Technology. It demonstrated how companies can use construction-logistics events to derive real-time data providing timely control of the construction process, thereby improving the overall processes efficiency for all partner companies involved in construction project.

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