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UL to host workshop on 3D printing

Global safety science firm, UL, is inviting all those who are keen to understand the  3D printing industry and its potential, to an exclusive workshop held at Dubai Science Park.

Organised in conjunction with Immensa Technology Labs, the class on the ‘Introduction to Additive Manufacturing and Industry Applications’, which is a more technical name for 3D printing technology, will be held in two discussion-oriented awareness sessions – one for the public and the other for university students.

The seminar on October 29 will be based on the first course in UL’s multi-tiered Additive Manufacturing professional certification program – Foundations of 3D Printing Workshop. Participants will receive comprehensive introductory knowledge of the 3D printing industry, including technical terms and definitions as well as the different software and hardware.

According to Wohlers Associates, the global 3D printing market is expected to reach $21 billion by 2020 with safety equipment, toys, construction and manufacturing products among a range of goods that are expected to be provided locally through the world altering technology.

However, alongside the many potential benefits there are also very serious potential dangers and risks, including the possibility of criminality in terms of counterfeit and untested goods.

Hamid Syed, UL Vice President & GM for UL Middle East said: “While it’s widely recognized that 3D printing technology will have a huge impact on most industries in the near future, the technology and some of its risks are less well known and we believe it is important to share that knowledge, while also helping to bust some dangerous myths.

“The main objective behind conducting such an intensive workshop is to provide people with a proper understanding of the 3D printing industry, including its benefits and relevance to businesses. This course will help facilitate the safe and successful implementation of 3D printing, making it useful to many audiences including engineers, designers, production technicians and business professionals.”

The workshop will be held by Dr Khalid Rafi, Lead Development AM Engineer at UL Additive Manufacturing, and Eng. Edem Dugbenoo, AM Engineer at Immensa Technology Labs.

At each session, the key speakers will define the various 3D printing technologies, their benefits and limitations, and the stages of the 3D printing process. Case studies on the adoption of this technology in select industries will be reviewed in addition to basic safety and quality regulations.

Dr Khalid Rafi, Lead Development AM Engineer at UL Additive Manufacturing, said: “The Additive Manufacturing industry is growing at an incredible pace. 3D printing now impacts consumer, commercial and industrial markets. However, at the moment, it is also confusing to those not familiar with the technology, its processes, and applications.

“Understanding this technology helps participants accelerate design and manufacturing innovation as well as identify the training needs of the marketplace.”

Priced at AED 500, this foundational course is meant for any business professional, academia, engineers, or designers with a desire to learn about 3D printing and the Additive Manufacturing industry. The morning session from 8.30am until noon will be open to the general audience, while the afternoon slot from 1pm until 3.30pm is booked for university students.

The workshop is part of UL’s collaboration with government agencies, commercial organizations and academia to bring its 3D printing service portfolio to the Middle East. The Additive Manufacturing training course will also be held in Riyadh on October 30, 2017 by Dr. Khalid Rafi.

To reserve a seat at the Dubai workshop, please visit:https://lms.ulknowledgeservices.com/catalog/display.resource.aspx?ResourceID=723966

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