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Panasonic is offering corporate and government ultra high format displays with inbuilt HD and 3D

Panasonic has launched its custom display solutions in the region. While the company has surpassed industry standards by reaching the 152 inch LCD TV size, it believes that size is not the primary aspect of its solutions. “How to utilise the solution is the key issue,” says Masao Motoki, Director System Sales and Marketing Group, Panasonic Marketing.


A display solution built around the 152 inch LCD TV, with 3D rendering, can cost upwards of $0.7M. This high investment immediately precludes certain consumer focussed demand areas like the home theatre and personal viewing. However the product is robustly built for outdoor use and is both waterproof and dustproof. According to Motoki, “the primary application area is expected to be display advertising” in locations like up market malls, retail outlets, outdoors, special events and other advertising opportunities.


Masao Motoki, Director System Sales and Marketing Group, Panasonic Marketing

Other application areas are public sector including government departments, defence, environment, land development; simulation for transportation like airlines, urban transport; product walk through for new products under development and high end CAD/CAM graphic design.


A typical outdoor LED signage usually costs around $3,500 to $6,000 per sqm after installation at the final site depending on the quality of display resolution in the signage structure. By comparison Panasonic custom solutions cost $65,000 per sqm and above. Such a high capital investment implies that either the project needs to have a very high rate of return or the benefits of using the solution are strategic and the nature of its usage justifies the investment.   


While Motoki admits that demand for these high end solutions is limited, especially around the 152 inch TV, he expects go to market activities to be driven both by partners and Panasonic themselves. Since the solutions are custom developed both partners and Panasonic need to have a high degree of readiness to study and implement the solution. Low demand base, low volume of production, high degree of consultation and presales engagement, high standard of implementation skills, logistics and transportation costs all combine to raise the final cost of the solution.

Yasuo Yamasaki, General Manager, System Solution Department, Panasonic Marketing


Another innovation is the horizontal, touch screen control panel display. According to Yasuo Yamasaki, General Manager, System Solution Department, Panasonic Marketing, “This is like a computer panel. You can open five applications to control the connected TVs.” During a meeting, participants can deliberate, touch, use and manipulate the information on the horizontal panel before viewing the final results on a vertical 3D TV panels.


Will the price of the solution come down if Panasonic starts production using standardised sizes and specifications? Motoki admits the price can come down with this approach, “but with big investments, customer expectations are much more,” and it is unlikely they will be satisfied with a standardised product. 




Centralised display panel at NYC Hall


The New York City Hall is the hub and control room for municipal activities in the city. Multi-department alerts and updates need to be flashed regularly for the team members to collectively take real time decisions. However the City Hall has tall ceilings, wide wall spaces and are alteration protected. Specifically the City Hall has a 26 feet high ceiling and wall display area of 70 feet by 40 feet. Such a large wall space makes TV display panels like a 65 inch screen too small to be visually suitable. A projection system or a multiple display video wall was ruled out for aesthetic reasons. Getting the right centralised display solution was a challenge.


The solution finally selected was a single Panasonic 103-inch High Definition Plasma Display. The display was outfitted with DVI, HDMI, component video and PC input plug-in modules, enabling multiple feeds to be multiplexed on a single 103-inch screen. The solution was built to allow team members to monitor news and event updates simultaneously with live video feed from traffic cameras, while having the ability to play back recording in high definition via the Panasonic Blu-ray Disc Player. Since team members view the information at the same time and at the same location, the standard of decision making has improved.


Product service highlights


   100,000 hour product life cycle

   Flat screen form factor lends to aesthetic installation

   Consistent image quality even after extended use, non bulb illumination

   Sharp images even for fast moving frames with 1080p resolution

   Resistance to ghost images

   Wide angle viewing

   Three year warranty  




TH 152 UX1




Colour: Black

Screen Size diagonal: 152.0 inch

Aspect Ratio: 17.9

Display Type: Full high definition plasma Ddisplay

Effective Display Area (WxH): 134.4″ x 70.9″

Resolution (HxV): 4,096 x 2,160 pixels

Pixel Pitch(HxV): 0.0328″ x 0.0328″

Contrast Ratio: 5,000,000:1

Gradation: 8,192 steps

Audio Input: RCA pin jack x 2

Scan Rate: 48Hz/60Hz

Inputs: Component/RGB HDMI, DVI, Serial Input/Output

3D Shutter Out: M3 Jack x 1, for Optional 3D IR Transmitter

Power Requirements: 200-240 V AC

Power Consumption: 3700W

Power off condition: 0.3 W

Stand-by condition: 0.5W

Weight (approx.): approx. 1,272.1 lbs.

Operating Temperature: 32 °F – 104 °F

Operating Humidity: 20% – 80% (Non condensation)

Operating Altitude: 0 to 4,920 feet



Panasonic is offering corporate and government ultra high format displays with inbuilt HD and 3D

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