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Formed in 2007, Easy Solutions is a security company providing end-to-end multi-channel fraud prevention for enterprises. With a strong presence in emerging markets such as Latin America, Middle East and Africa, the vendor prides itself of having a 100 percent channel-focused approach.

“Our solutions are being widely adopted in countries in emerging markets, as these areas do not have restrictions unlike some of the developed countries. Also, companies in say, the Middle East, often endeavour to be the first and the fastest and have a need to differentiate,” said Jeremy Boorer, Director, EMEA, Easy Solutions. “In markets like Europe, there is a more conservative approach to changing things. We have a platform focusing on five solutions, which addresses issues on electronic fraud prevention. So everything we do revolves around that. One of our market differentiators is that we have a very focused approach, as we are not a large type of company that tries to be everything to everybody. We aim to help organisations fight electronic fraud, typically financial institutions.”

Boorer noted that Easy Solutions currently has around 300 customers globally. The company’s business operations are 100 percent channel focused. In November 2015, it had opened an office in the region to further strengthen its support to its channel partners.

Alberto Arango, VP, Worldwide Sales, Easy Solutions, said, “We have a platform that enables customers to defend themselves at different stages. Our first platform is for defending an organisation from losing the information in the first place so like anti-phishing where attackers try to get the username and password. We have another platform for authentication and another one for monitoring transactions as it happens in the banks. We start off by trying to stop the loss of identity or credit card information in the first place and create a secure environment for banks and customers to interact with each other. And we strengthen security from an authentication perspective and lastly monitor what they actually do when they do the transaction. All these five platforms are equally important but customers usually start with one.”

Boorer then highlighted their partnership with Nanjgel Solutions, explaining that the collaboration supports their ongoing initiative of further expanding their reach to their partners in the region. “We have been working with Nanjgel Solutions for a while now, we signed them as a partner in mid-2014,” he said. “What makes them stand out among other players in the market is the kind of engagement they have with their partners and customers. Oftentimes, partners tend to just sit back, but Nanjgel has a very proactive approach and they are really knowledgeable which translates into better relationships with customers. That further adds value to both our business and our customers’. This is why we believe that they deserve the Easy Solutions ‘Best Partner of the year’ Award for EMEA.”

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