Fix up, look sharp

There’s no success without the blood, sweat and tears of a proper training regime, says Condo Protego CEO Andrew Calthorpe

IT trends affecting the modern workspace

Whilst working from home is nothing new, the working environment as we know it is on a path to radical change. Advances in cloud computing, portable technology and the ability to outsource business at the click of a button now means that enterprises in the UAE have less and less need to be tied to a fixed traditional office space.

Disaster aversion

Data loss is not something you should be losing sleep over – provided you’ve got the right plans in place, says Condo Protego CEO Andrew Calthorpe.

Where’s the refurbished IT gear?

Walking through the PlayStation 3 section of my local Virgin Megastore recently, I came across something amazing – the chain has started accepting trade-ins as partial payment for new games.

Future-proofing your physical access control system

A number of factors are increasing demand for improved access control; new technology capabilities, escalating security threats, and the trend to converged access control solutions that combine multiple applications either on smartcards or a new generation of Near Field Communications (NFC) – enabled mobile phones.

Whither are we bound?

It’s no exaggeration to say credit is the life blood of channel business. Distributors provide credit to partners who don’t have the wherewithal to roll out IT projects, and many resellers choose their disties based on their ability to extend credit and financing.

The third dimension

We’ve all read about how 3D printing is set to change the manufacturing scene, but the technology has so far been too expensive or complex to make any real impact.

How to make real-world use of Big Data

What is so new about Big Data, the tech buzzword that is attracting so much attention these days?  Ahmed Auda, Business Unit Executive, IBM Middle East Software Group, demystifies this latest technology trend

Think Big

Big Data has morphed from silent, misunderstood elephant in the room into a huge opportunity for ambitious VARs, says Condo …


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