Interview with Chris Kubic, Fidelis

Chris Kubic, Chief Information Security Officer, Fidelis Cybersecurity, talks with Anita Joseph, Reseller ME, about cybersecurity concerns, how companies can prioritise security spends and the future of cybersecurity.

Overcoming the cyber-pandemic with Raqmiyat

Abhijit Mahadik, Director, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure, UAE & KSA, Raqmiyat, speaks to Anita Joseph, Editor, SAME about the evolving cybersecurity landscape, the threats organisations need to watch out for and how the security priorities of organisations have shifted since the pandemic last year.  

Alain Penel, Fortinet

Fortinet: Making a mark at GISEC

Alain Penel, Regional Vice-President, Middle East & Pakistan at Fortinet, explains what it means to be a part of GISEC this year and how Fortinet’s cutting-edge solutions continue to provide maximum protection against cyberthreats and attacks.

EXN and Fortinet partner to aid businesses in Digital Transformation

Anita Joseph, Editor, Reseller ME, caught up with Nathan Clements, General Manager at Exclusive Networks Middle East & Alain Penel, Regional Vice-President, Middle-East & Pakistan at Fortinet, to find out how the partnership between the two companies is helping businesses fast track their digital transformation agendas and successfully combat some of the biggest cybersecurity challenges today.

Rackspace: Leading the cloud migration market

RME Editor Anita Joseph caught up with George Pawlyszyn, General Manager, Middle East and Africa at Rackspace Technology to learn more about the company’s growth, the demand for managed cloud services and the market shift to the multi-cloud model.

Software AG leveraging technological expertise to power smart cities

CNME Editor Mark Forker spoke to Volha Smirnova – Internet of Things and Analytics, EMEA Centre of Excellence, Software AG, UAE, to find out how the company defines what the fundamental characteristics of a smart city are, the solutions they are developing to fuel smart cities of the future – and the importance of resilience in the new digital economy.


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