Despec to focus on partner profitability


One of the most important things in the channel is to ensure partner profitability.  Jaison Korath, CEO, Despec, agrees it is the key element. “We need to maintain our growth and want to focus on the profitability aspect. Business is there and sales will come but at the end of the day, our shareholders’ profitability is an important factor,” he comments.  This is something the company will focus on in 2014 along with having quality sales rather than quantity.

Over the last year, the Despec has got more organised in terms of regional presence. It has a solid presence in Lebanon and Jordan in the LEVANT region and boasts of a wide reach within these areas. And now the company is also concentrating on Africa, where it has been present for the last four years and has had 50 to 60 percent growth year on year. “We are present in five countries in the African region and are in the process of adding new ones. We are growing in phases in this region,” says Korath. By the end of the current year, we will see the company opening up in Oman and Qatar in the Middle East region.

“There is business for everyone,” concludes Korath, and urges the market to compete in a healthy manner that will create better opportunities for all players.




Jaison Korath, CEO, Despec
Jaison Korath, CEO, Despec
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