Iomega opens Experience Centre in Dubai

Iomega, an EMC company and global provider of digital storage and content management solutions has opened the first Iomega Experience Centre in Dubai.

The vendor states that the initiative which has been unveiled in partnership with power retailer Sharaf DG aims to give consumers and small businesses firsthand experience in data storage management solutions.

According to the company the Iomega Experience Centre is an 800-square foot showplace featuring an array of Iomega’s newest storage management products, premium portable and desktop hard drives, high capacity solid state drives, multi drives, and network storage solutions for consumers and SMBs

Cizar Abughazaleh, GM, Iomega Middle East & Asia

Johnathan Huberman, president at Iomega Corporation says the new Iomega Experience Centre is specifically designed to give consumers and SMBs hands-on interaction in a comfortable atmosphere that makes it easy to understand and appreciate the advantages and efficiencies that Iomega’s data storage management solutions bring to the home and SMBs. “Storing, enjoying and protecting digital data has never been more vital than it is today,” he says. “The new Iomega Experience Centre shows the visitor how managing data, for business or pleasure, has never been easier, more convenient and more dependable than it is now.

Cizar Abughazaleh, GM at Iomega Middle East and Asia believes the Iomega Experience Centre is going to change the perception of the information storage industry in the region. “I look forward to customers experiencing how Iomega can protect their information, save them time and deliver cost effective data management storage solutions,” he says.

Nilesh Khalkho, CEO at Sharaf DG, adds that the new Iomega Experience Centre is a good addition to the retailer. “We always encourage premium vendors such as Iomega to help educate our valued customers about products we offer,” he says.

Khalkho points out that the Iomega Experience Centre makes it possible for every customer to have an extra ordinary experience in all the Sharaf DG stores, especially if the client small or mid-size business.

Iomega has hinted that it will be expanding this initiative with other power retailers in the Middle East region.

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