Kaspersky Lab shares security insights at Emerging Markets Partners Conference

Kaspersky Lab Partner ConferencelowresKaspersky Lab recently held its annual Emerging Markets Partner Conference, which took place in Marrakech, Morocco and brought together more than 100 visitors from 42 counties from the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe.

The event was aimed at familiarising partners with the company’s new enterprise-level security strategy, partnership enhancements while also highlighting the latest trends in the world of cyber threats. The company representatives took the opportunity to share security best practices, engage the audience in technology training and discuss hot topics from around the region associated with both consumer and enterprise security.

In addition to sharing its expertise and vision, the security vendor also used the platform to acknowledge the outstanding work of leading partners from across the region at an awards ceremony that saw key partners receive awards for their exemplary work and results across a number of spheres.

The conference saw senior executives from Kaspersky Lab including Chief Business Officer Garry Kondakov, Managing Director in the Emerging Markets Maxim Frolov, Director of the Global Research & Analysis Team Costin Raiu, Head of Product and Technology Intelligence Vladimir Zapolyansky, Chief Marketing Officer Alexander Erofeev, and others engage the audience in a series of formal and informal discussions in addition to eight key presentations and a training session geared at helping partners leverage new opportunities in cyber security.

In his opening presentation Garry Kondakov spoke about the new challenges Kaspersky Lab is facing today as the world’s economies continue to constantly shift pointing to a greater need for users and enterprises to invest in advanced security and protection. He also emphasised the fact that the success of the company’s operations relies not only on its ability to innovate and update existing solutions to create an effective line of security products, but also on the partner community’s ability to attract and retain clients by understanding different client requirements and offering the right solutions to meet their needs.

“The IT world is changing more rapidly than it has in the past, bringing us new challenges. During the last couple of years we have seen the emergence of new trends affecting IT companies’ business models. In addition a totally new generation of buyers has appeared and they expect us to be flexible enough to meet their requirements. At the same time the world still has a basic need for security and the key to delivering it to the users and companies during this on-going turbulence is an evolving partner ecosystem. This is the reason we are moving on up to a new level of mutual relations with our partners: to maintain a swift pace and successfully pursue each new opportunity as it arrives,” said Kondakov.

In his presentation Frolov spoke about the strategies that have led the company and its partners to leading positions in the Emerging Markets in recent years, and elaborated on the new trends and opportunities that provide the chance to make even greater progress.

“We are no longer simply an antivirus company. We are Security Solution Provider that is able to deliver world class solutions at the enterprise level. As the demand for security solutions grows, we are aiming high. In order to secure future growth we are going to empower our partner eco-system with new level of dedication and focus. That means we will raise our sales and technical support to a new level, we will help our partners to evolve to enterprise level solutions, growing their competencies and market presence. We know this is a pretty big commitment from our side, but we are ready and believe in this passionately. This is what Partnership 2.0 means for us,” said Frolov.

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