Netgear sets target for Qatar

Netgear, a networking and storage vendor, has set a target of Dollar three million out of Qatar for 2013. The move complements the latest Qatar IT Industry report released by the International Data Corporation. The report states Qatar’s rapidly developing ICT segment is posed to reach a value of Dollar four billion over the next two years. The report identifies the country’s telecommunications, government, oil and gas, and finance vertical markets with high IT spending.


According to the IDC report, Qatar is also ripe to embrace the growing presence of SMEs as a major part of the country’s growth and development. SMEs, along with other segments, are expected to infuse a lot of investments in IT infrastructure and other related solutions to help streamline operations and keep pace with their competitors.


“Qatar’s ICT market has been witness to dramatic growth and development over the last few years, with analysts predicting continuous growth and subsequently reaching a value of close to Dollar four billion in two years,” said Ahmed Zeidan, Channel Sales Manager, Netgear Middle East.


The company was responsible for the successful implementation of strategic storage systems for the CCTV cameras used at the recent Asian Cup in Qatar.

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