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Nokia unveils new services to cater to the digital era

servicesTo address rising security threats to telecom networks, Nokia has launched its Security Risk Index assessment service and Managed Security Service. According to the firm, together, they form a “unique, holistic approach” to targeting security challenges across mobile, IP and fixed networks in the digital transformation era, when new services and virtualised systems also introduce new vulnerabilities.

In addition to addressing their own security needs, operators can white label Managed Security Services to enterprises under their own brand, which offers revenue potential in the enterprise security market and optimises time to market, according to Nokia.

Nokia is offering an integrated approach that starts from assessing operators’ security risks across various security domains, benchmarking against industry peers, and providing a 360-degree gap analysis and suggestions for performance improvements. This is the essence of the Security Risk Index, said the firm.

After the assessment, a managed service, powered by Nokia NetGuard software, will complete the holistic security approach. Nokia experts design the network security infrastructure, information management and monitoring systems to ensure that critical information assets are adequately protected against known and unknown threats, and that the operator meets applicable security compliance standards and regulations.

Having secured their own networks, operators can go on to offer the Managed Security Services, or selected elements of it, to their enterprise customers. In partnership with Nokia, operators can implement a security portfolio to open a new revenue source and increase customer loyalty.

“Operators must be prepared for a security breach. A dynamic, managed security proposition is needed to eliminate possible threats, so we are taking a comprehensive approach to security from assessing risks to managing and maintaining our customers’ security infrastructure,” said Friedrich Trawoeger, head of Managed Services, Nokia. “This is the best approach to defend against attacks. In addition, the resale white label model will allow our customers to monetise the security opportunity.”

The company said that its security services also utilise Nokia NetGuard, a complete portfolio of end-to-end software solutions that detect, prevent and mitigate cyber-attacks by securing traditional and cloud-based network architectures and protecting end-users and IoT devices.

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