Used goods giant Cash Converters opens doors in Dubai

Cash Converters, a specialist in buying and selling of used goods has announced the opening of its first store in the region.

Located on Sheikh Zayed Road the new Dubai franchise allows customers to sell unwanted goods, buy used items from the store or secure an item with the store’s layby option, the company said.

The Cash Converters business model in Dubai is based largely on the buying and selling of furniture and white goods such as electronics, musical instruments and jewellery. Cash Converters offers several buy and sell options for customers. The store buys items of value and in good condition giving the seller a fair price for their goods. These items are then available for sale in the store. As part of its services, Cash Converters will offer customers a  consignment option whereby the store sells the item on their behalf receiving the money once the item is sold.

The international franchise that spans Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Asia, Cash Converters was launched in Australia in 1984 and since then company has grown enormously with representation in 21 countries worldwide and a network of over 600 stores, representatives said.

“The used goods business is not new in Dubai, however the concept of being able to buy and sell used goods through a store is,” said Fabrice Le Boulenger, GM, Cash Converters Dubai. “Cash Converters is a unique retail concept in that the public are both our customers and our suppliers.”

Cash Converters in Dubai will have stringent measures in place to ensure all goods sold in the store are legally owned. Customers have to be over the age of 18 and present a valid ID. Records will be kept for all transactions, it was reported.

Le Boulenger said that the location of the store was an important consideration when setting up in Dubai. “Our show room location on Sheikh Zayed Road will be a key to our success. Situated close to densely populated expat areas we expect our accessibility will make us a popular buying and selling hub.”

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