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Husni Hammoud on bringing Ivanti to the Middle East

Having recently launched its Dubai office, Ivanti hosted its first Partner Kick Off event in the region in April, highlighting the firm's new strategy around bringing siloed areas of a business together.
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Azolt to launch future Smart devices for gamers

Azolt, a company focusing on catering to online gamers, has announced that it will add more future smart devices to their repertoire of products.

According to the company they aim to carve a niche in the online gaming domain by smartly targeting the online gamers through gadgets that are optimized to deliver a wonderful and engaging gaming experience to users. Its products include gReformer, the powerful half mechanical keyboard with LED illumination and gCrusader, the gaming keyboard with macro-enabled rotary dial.

“We are committed to cater to the special needs of our clients through specially-designed gaming products,” says the spokesperson for Azolt. Our passion for inventing something new drives us to create gaming devices that go much beyond the conventional and the ordinary. We combine the conventional and the creative to develop and deliver products which gamers would love to use for a hugely satisfying and engaging online gaming experience.”

The name Azolt itself is a brilliant play on the keyboard characters. It represents the A-Z and numeric 0-1 of the keyboard and the ‘t’ stands for technology. Azolt has been specifically set up to meet the demands of who, the company feels, are not provided the kind of tools and technologies needed to enjoy their gaming better.

Azolt has been researching and devising ways of developing high quality gaming products at affordable prices for their clients. The company is focusing on gaming accessories like specialized gaming keyboard and mouse, the devices that most developers often neglect in their rush to develop smarter gaming tools.

The gCrusader from Azolt has many unique features such as the ability to create and store macros to perform with a single keystroke, laser-etched key caps that are beveled to make tracking easy and a vintage-inspired rotary volume knob that offers high-tech functions. The colored LED backlights add subtle color and improves the ambiance of dim gaming stations.

Revolutionary keyboard will be an indispensable part of future gaming sessions according to the company’s spokesperson. “We will be sharply focusing on creating revolutionary mechanical keyboards that will work in sync and be interactive with the other smart devices used by gamers.”

At Azolt, newer designs and theories evolve at the numerous brainstorming sessions that are held frequently. They promise to deliver high quality future smart devices that are durable and affordable too.

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