Manli to unveil Middle East channel sales campaign for retailers and assemblers

Manli Technology, a leading manufacturer of Graphics cards, Motherboards, Netbook and Multimedia products, is set to roll out a Middle East specific channel sales campaign aimed at the region’s retailers and system assemblers.

Aimed at ensuring Manli’s channel partners enjoy healthy margins on both the vendor’s range of components as well as its finished goods, the Middle East Channel Sales Campaign includes defined rebates for retail owners as well as spiff programmes for front end sales staff. In addition to the financial support, Manli is also planning to introduce after sales support initiatives across the Gulf region as it looks to build a brand that consumers can trust.

“We’re very much a channel-centric company,” explains Manli’s sales director Michael Chu. “Manli is not a company that is interested in short term sales, in spot selling to meet targets. We’re focused on back to back support for our partners to ensure that they can profit from our products, and to develop a brand and name in the Middle East that customers know is of high quality.”

According to Chu, Manli is in the process of finalizing distribution deals with one or more partners in the Gulf region following a visit to Dubai this summer. “We’re very fortunate in that Manli produces a full range of components, including graphics cards and motherboards, as well as finished products such as Netbooks and small form factor PCs. This wide product portfolio allows our partners more scope in terms of building a strong brand, as they’re able to meet the needs of most customers. We’re looking to build a strong brand name in the Gulf region, and this channel campaign is only the start of our plans for the Gulf region,” adds Chu.


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