STME to focus on cloud solutions and managed services

STME announced the realignment of its competitive strategy, products, and services to focus more on cloud and managed services in 2016.

A study by Research & Markets revealed that the global cloud managed services market was valued at AED 191.8 billion in 2015 is estimated to grow to AED 434.94 billion ($ 118.43 billion) by 2020 at annual growth rate of 15.5 percent.

According to STME these statistic is reflective of a global trend in organisations opting for managed services and cloud solutions. In the UAE, and GCC region, the adoption of cloud solutions and managed services is increasing rapidly. “Economic diversification plans, and government policies have paved the way for smaller businesses to mushroom everywhere in the GCC. These smaller companies, whether they are start-ups or established SMEs are looking for agile and flexible IT solutions. These trends formed the crux of our decision to focus on this area,’’ said Ayman Al Bayaa, CEO, STME.

While SMEs are the driving force of change in the UAE and the GCC, the use of cloud solutions and managed services is not limited to them and can be scaled for larger organisations. Indeed, one of the many advantages in cloud solutions is the flexibility it affords, so organisations do not need to worry about space as they grow. Managed services on the other hand, provides the best expertise available to clients.

“A common misconception, is that cloud solutions and managed services are the same thing, but in fact these are complementary services which can be deployed depending on requirements. For instance, cloud solutions are virtual solutions that can be used to store and access data and programs, either on or off site, while managed services are those such as web site hosting, system monitoring and management, and data backup and recovery,’’ said Ayman.  

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