The BYO-Dilemma

The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend has taken the world by storm, with many commentators labelling it an unstoppable force that the enterprise must come to terms with.

Document Sprawl

African Export-Import Bank is quite an important institution. Established in 1993 by African governments, investors and other financial institutions, its purpose is to finance and promote intra – and extra – African trade.

Rides and drives: Can Uber thrive in the Middle East?

The Uber app, which provides high-end taxis to users’ GPS locations, launched in Dubai this September. But in the face of growing legal concerns, will the impressive technology behind Uber’s service be enough to secure regional success?

Blunders lead to Ballmer's demise

The heap of blunders that piled up at Microsoft under Steve Ballmer’s leadership may have hit a tipping point this year, leading to last month’s earthshaking announcement that Bill Gates’ former right-hand man and heir, as well as Microsoft’s fiercest cheerleader, will step down as CEO within a year.

Nokia is dead, Newkia is born

“The acquisition of Nokia’s phone business by Microsoft has deeply affected the psyche of the Finnish people,” said Singapore-based executive …


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