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HP refreshes financing offering

HP Financial Services offers flexible financing that enables companies to refresh their data centre technology and transition to next generation HP ProLiant servers, HP Integrity servers or HP Superdome 2 as well as to HP StorageWorks and Networking products. With the HP financing offering customers can build and invest smartly in a Converged Infrastructure.


Customers who desire a more flexible business through migration from legacy systems and competitor’s proprietary environments to a flexible, innovative and cost-effective IT environment now have the option of a longer transition period.


The HP financing programme allows customers to defer payments for up to 90 days when purchasing new HP server, storage, networking and software solutions. After this period, customers can opt for low monthly lease payments over the next 36 months. At the end of the lease, customers may return the equipment and upgrade to the latest technology with a new lease, keep their current equipment by extending the lease, or choose to purchase the technology.


HP customers can choose amongst a strong selection of additional options:


·         Transition lease – Customers investing in new HP server and storage solutions have the option to transition to newer IT equipment launched during the lease term. Customers can keep their equipment while transitioning to the new IT solutions during the first 90 days.


·         Asset recovery services – HP can manage disposition of old or unneeded IT equipment and may even pay for IT equipment with resale value, facilitating the customer’s move to the new system.


·         Sale lease back – HP can help customers moving to a flexible converged infrastructure while freeing up their budgets by buying the customer’s owned IT assets and then leasing them back to the customer; at the same time, HP offers a timeline and plan for adopting the new IT solutions for building a converged infrastructure.


·         Pay per use – With HP pay per use for Superdome 2 and Integrity servers, customers have real-time access to mission-critical computing while paying only for the server capacities they use. If less capacity is needed, the customer pays less accordingly.


·         Short term rental – Customers who need to scale up their IT infrastructure can rent a Superdome 1 system for a short period of time (up to 12 months) and pay only 50 percent of the normal rate. In parallel the customers can transition to a Superdome 2 system, which they can buy or lease.


With HP Financial Services offerings, customers experience a smooth transition from legacy to flexible next generation IT systems in ways that meet their business needs.


HP has announced the extension of its HP Packaged Financing Programme to help customers finance the latest technology from HP to drive innovation and gain a competitive business advantage.

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