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Meta Byte emphasises on data governance

The regional solution provider Meta Byte Technologies has unveiled its new approach to help enterprises in the region to implement Data Loss Prevention (DLP) projects in a much more meaningful, informed and successful manner.

In recent years, corporate data losses and insider theft have started dominating headlines, likely solutions, like putting rules at the perimeter to prevent sensitive data from leaving the network or locking down individual documents. Even lock down physical devices and memory cards so that if they are stolen, at least the data residing on them will be inaccessible. Many are infact looking at complete DLP solution across the board.

According to several independent reports, majority of DLP projects fail within the first year of its implementation. The traditional approach and IT has been unable to deal with the organizational, operational and entitlement changes in accordance to business, most importantly risks associated with business users and their changing accesses on a control such as DLP. Meta Byte has identified these issues and has developed an approach enabling visibility in to such situations and automating the process.

Salil Dighe, Managing Director at Meta Byte Technologies explains, “Meta Byte’s approach is like a first step for enterprises who aspire to have the ultimate data protection. Meta Byte’s approach allows organizations total visibility and control over their data, ensuring that only the right users have access to the right data at all times. Enterprises that have tried to limit access to only the right people have found that there is a lengthy and manual communications process between IT and data business owners when it comes to answering the question, “who should have access to this data? We give enterprises the visibility and the intelligence to eradicate the problem with a fraction of the resources they devote to it today”

Salil adds, “Our unique approach to protect data revolves around the concept of data governance that defines the framework of people, processes, permissions, privileges or access rights to ensure proper data use.  Enterprises in the region need to have a strategy and processes in place to govern appropriate and authorised use of business data, thereby significantly lowering the risk of data misuse.”

“A pre DLP consulting exercise provides a comprehensive overview to see, control and audit all aspects of unstructured data as a first step, which helps enterprises to govern their data properly and make a right decision on effectively and efficiently implementing their DLP strategy and a DLP solution” concludes Salil.

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