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New channel programme for SMB video analytics

Built on a new platform for intelligent computing, Vitamin D Video says it delivers sophisticated video analytics at a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions, enabling small to mid-size businesses and institutions to more cost-effectively monitor their premises.


For channel partners in security and video analytics, the result of the availability is a larger accessible market is that Vitamin D Video represents an immediate opportunity for resellers already distributing network and IP cameras to increase revenues by adding significant value to current offerings with little added cost, it says.


Companies reselling Vitamin D Video have access to special channel pricing models geared towards small to mid-size installations. This pricing is not available directly through Vitamin D. Training and tools needed to successfully market and support Vitamin D Video installations is also available.


Innovative solution

Heralded by publications such as The Financial Times, Network World and Cnet as a highly innovative solution, Vitamin D Video has shown strong consumer success since its launch earlier this year, and is gaining traction among businesses and institutions such as schools, universities, retail operations and property management companies looking for affordable ways to install and maintain security systems.


With Vitamin D Video’s ease of implementation, resellers can help customers overcome concerns about complexity and maintenance. Ideal for four- to eight-camera installations, it requires zero configuration and can be used with most IP cameras right out of the box. Now businesses previously deterred by expensive enterprise-oriented installation costs have affordable access to enterprise-level monitoring.


Vitamin D Video automatically scans hours of footage and distinguishes between humans and other moving objects to find specific predefined events without the time-consuming task of manually viewing the video. Its object recognition goes beyond traditional motion detection to significantly reduce false positives often found when monitoring of businesses, buildings or campus environments.


Through the intuitive software, rules can be applied to deliver on-screen, email or SMS alerts to any number of people in real time. For example, the software can be instructed to alert when a person is seen entering and leaving through a specific door within a large field of vision. Additionally, Vitamin D Video will narrow down many days worth of video into a “highlight” reel of noteworthy incidents – a task that previously took many hours of costly time to complete.


Middle East roll-out

Vitamin D is currently rolling out its reseller programme around the world, already working with resellers in Asia, Europe, India, the Middle East and the United States.


Aditya Sahaya, director of business development for Prologix Distribution, said, “We provide the most cutting-edge solutions to our customers to help them advance and protect their businesses in the most productive and cost-effective ways. Vitamin D Video not only offers us an innovative new service with a breakthrough pricing structure, but greatly increases the value of existing investments in IP cameras and infrastructure for our customers throughout the Middle East and India."


“We’re seeing strong demand for Vitamin D Video from businesses who see a need for robust security but have been shut out by high prices and concerns over the maintenance costs of typical offerings,” said Celeste Baranski, chief executive officer of Vitamin D.


“Additionally, many customers around the world prefer to have local representation for their business technology needs. Working with resellers helps us scale much more effectively and in a meaningful way for our partners and their customers.”


New intelligent computing

Vitamin D Video is built on technology called Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM). HTM is a brain-inspired theory of intelligence that is the basis for a new technology from Numenta, a company founded by mobile computing industry pioneers Jeff Hawkins and Donna Dubinsky along with cofounder Dileep George. HTM allows computers to learn and recognise patterns in very large amounts of complex data in a robust, accurate and scalable fashion.


Vitamin D was formed in 2007. The company brings elegant user experience design together with new artificial intelligence to create software that simplifies people’s lives. Vitamin D is the leading independent application developer on the Numenta platform, and one of the first companies to launch a commercial application to take advantage of the power of HTM. It is located in Menlo Park, CA.


Interested parties can learn more at


Vitamin D Video has launched a new channel programme to take advantage of the wider opportunities that its software offers the SMB market for video surveillance and video analytics.

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