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Saudi Arabia to host first ever Hajj hackathon next month

The event promises to attract leading programmers from around the world to innovatively leverage technology to enrich and enhance the Hajj experience for pilgrims.
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Onwards and upwards

As global data continues to grow, enterprises need to invest more in products and solutions that will protect their assets and achieve further business success.

Organisations like Commvault that have ICT offerings focused on data protection and information management are at the forefront of providing modern enterprises with the tools and capabilities to achieve growth in an ever-changing IT landscape.

Over the last year, the vendor has re-focused its market strategies and made significant investments in new solutions that will expand its reach to larger enterprises and grow its presence here in the region.

“In terms of our presence in the Europe, Middle East and Africa, we have made significant investments in building and enhancing our enterprise business,” said Mark Jow, Vice President, Technical Services, Commvault, EMEA. “Specifically, we have invested in key resources to grow our capabilities in extending our reach to larger enterprises. This is very important to us, in this region, especially because a number of markets here are very much partner focused and indirect-centric. We have built and launched significant programmes that have helped our partners be successful in selling and delivering Commvault solutions. We’re rolling out a programme called Service Advantage, which is focused on helping our partners become proficient in positioning the architecture, delivery and operation of our solutions. This programme is aimed at not only assisting them bring Commvault offerings effectively to the market but also to enable them to create sustainable business relationships with their customers through reselling our products and solutions.”

At a corporate level, Jow highlighted that as a global organisation they have also made significant moves in terms of corporate rebranding and repositioning. “We have redefined our business units to enable us to focus on the key areas of our portfolios that are relevant to customers,” he said. “We have a data protection, recovery and replication business unit. We also have a division focused on cloud and software-defined solutions, particularly with the growing service provider market. We are also addressing target solutions based on the common platform, which is the underlying Commvault Engine for mobility file, sync and share to protect and enable access for people on the move while also keeping the data secure, accessible and visible within the organisation. We have also made investments in maturing our contents management solutions in terms of archiving compliance for e-government.”

Jow then explained that another focus area Commvault has is the development of industry-focused solutions. “That’s another area to which we are investing on aggressively on in the US and we’ll start to see that be put into EMEA region later this year,” he said. “We are looking at introducing solutions that will enable healthcare providers and organisations to unite two historically disparate set of systems, clinical and business, into one centralised repository that they can share, manage and protect.

Putting the focus to the Middle East, Wael Mustafa, Channel Sales Director MESAT, Commvault, shared how they are utilising the channel in supporting the UAE’s digital transformation. “It is very evident that the digital transformation is happening right now across the globe,” he said. “The UAE’s Smart City vision is testament that this region is also committed to achieving that transformation. We aim to support this by continuously growing our partner ecosystem and ensuring that there’s a proper distribution channel for our services and solutions.”

Mustafa then underlined that they are focused on transforming their partners to be more industry and solutions-focused. “We endeavour to have a partner ecosystem that’s comprised of entities that are adept in the specific fields that they are servicing. Right now we are trying to start working with partners and SIs that offer industry-focused solutions. This is because we want to make sure that they are confident in positioning Commvault solutions at the optimum spot as possible.”

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