Packard Bell debuts in Lebanon

Jean Haddad, GM and chairman, TeleTrade Holding Group, said the group is proud to have Distinet as the first distributor for Packard Bell which is a global brand with stylish, trendy and state-of-the-art products, a perfect fit for the fashionable and tech-savvy consumers of Lebanon. “We have the resources, market experience and knowledge to make Packard Bell products widely available across Lebanon,” he said. “We are also in a position to provide excellent after sales service for all Packard Bell products.”


Packard Bell is significantly looking to increase its footprint in Lebanon and the region, having rebranded in 2009. The vendor has taken positive steps towards its distinct value proposition and consumers can look forward to stylish, trendy and easy-to-use Packard Bell products.


Shashank Sharma, country manager at Packard Bell, added that in TeleTrade the company has found the right distributor to make its products widely available for the Lebanese consumer. “TeleTrade is a well established group of companies with Distinet having a proven track record in IT distribution within Lebanon, and we are confident that they are best positioned to help Packard Bell grow,” Sharma concluded.


Packard Bell, a subsidiary of the Acer Group has signed a new partnership agreement with Distinet, a distributor of IT and consumer electronics in Lebanon. Distinet, part of TeleTrade group of companies is the first distributor for Packard Bell in that country.

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