Prestigio launches digital signage solutions

Prestigio has recently launched its new business solution – digital signage, a range of digital display devices for a dynamic demonstration of media messages to a target audience.

The Prestigio digital signage range combines video and audio streams driven by an onboard computer for the most effective communication with an audience. It is shaped as either elegant kiosks or wall-mount video panels, said the company.

“Each Prestigio digital signage device features an interactive display, speakers and a PC with the most popular interfaces and Wi-FI connection within a mix of functional design with installation and service simplicity. Thus, we have managed to combine quality with the most affordable pricing and I am perfectly sure that Prestigio DS media displays will make a successful long-term business investment,” said Dia Hamdan, Prestigio MEA Marketing Manager, commented on the new Prestigio digital solution.

The company’s digital signage multimedia displays are a solution in the field of digital out of home (DOOH). They are widely used in airports, malls, banks and other public institutions.

The core of this business solution appears in a system of real-time multimedia information playback and content management. By means of a powerful media server with special software or with the help of cloud services a number of digital displays are integrated into one system that shares media content with an audience. Thus, all the displays can be managed from a central point. It provides the opportunity to play back actual information in real-time mode as well as present several dynamic promotions on one display.

Prestigio’s digital signage solution includes a range of protected indoor displays that include wall-mounted horizontal panels and kiosks with vertical and horizontal display orientation.

The wall-mounted displays feature screen sizes, such as 22-inches or 42-inches and a computer with basic specifications running on Android. Internal kiosks are equipped with 42 – 55 inches horizontal and vertical displays and Android and Windows computers.

Otherwise all the displays are identical in their main features: Full HD resolution (1080×1920), aspect ratio 16:9, view angle of 178 degrees and a lifetime of 30.000 hours. Indoor displays feature optional multi-touch function. Secure 4-mm tempered glass and a solid aluminum housing protected display for regular use in public places.

Digital Signage media displays run both on Android and on Windows. An integrated PC gives the possibility of fine tuning of the device whether an Internet connection is available or not. Specialised software facilitates the creation of advertising campaigns in real time that may be shown dynamically on any display chosen by the operator. Also, according to the company, the software helps to track any possible system failures very quickly.

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