Spectrami to distribute security solutions from Microdasys, Tenable Network Security, Fastpasscorp

Anand Choudha, Managing Director, Spectrami
Anand Choudha, Managing Director, Spectrami

Spectrami announced it has signed a distribution agreement with Microdasys to distribute a wide range of enterprise security solutions in the Middle East region. There is a buzz going around with new unknown threats that are getting into organisations with encrypted and xml traffic. The adoption of Web 2.0 makes it even more complicated to manage security posture with the traditional security tool sets. With new threats new technologies are needed to manage attacks from unknown and Microdasys completes the picture in terms of protection from the new trend of attacks.

“We are extremely delighted to bring Microdasys’ portfolio to Middle East and are confident that the pioneers in SSL and XML protection worldwide would be able to protect the local infrastructure here.” said, Anand Choudha, Managing Director, Spectrami.

The ongoing adoption of Cloud computing and Web 2.0 technologies in enterprises and government agencies is adding to the security challenges that security administrators are facing. SSL encryption, XML, SOAP, RSS feeds and Web Services will continue to grow exponentially while traditional content scanners and firewalls are incapable of inspecting these protocols and applications. Microdasys products enable the adoption and safe use of SSL encryption and XML/SOAP applications in the enterprise network.

“We are very excited to add Spectrami to our family of partners,” said Oliver Ott, General Manager of Microdays EMEA. “As the pioneers of SSL content scanning we enjoy continued high demand for our SCIP SSL content proxy and with the recent release of our XSG XML Security Gateway we needed a highly qualified distribution partner to assist and support our channel partners and end users in the Middle East. Spectrami has a proven track record of successfully bringing new technologies to these regions, and we’re looking forward to a very successful partnership for the benefit of our customers.” Spectrami is authorised to distribute secure content inspection solutions from Microdays across the Middle East region including Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman among others.

Spectrami has signed up with Tenable Network Security for the Middle East region to provide enterprise grade security solutions. Tenable’s technology helps continuously safeguard enterprises from targeted attacks, internal misuse and compliance violations. The company’s Unified Security Monitoring platform is the only solution that can provide continuous assessment and monitoring of vulnerability, patch configuration, log, event, network and threat intelligence across virtual, Cloud and mobile assets. Anand Choudha, Managing Director, Spectrami said, “With the number of threats and risks growing at a great pace in the Middle East region, we believe that the award-winning solutions from Tenable will offer a high level of protection by reporting real-time vulnerabilities to enterprises.”

Spectrami will represent a range of Tenable Network Security’s products including SecurityCentre, the heart of its Unified Security Monitoring platform, making it faster and easier for enterprises to visualise, understand and communicate the security and compliance status of their networks. Wayne Hollinshead, International Channel Manager, Tenable Network Security said, “We are happy to partner with Spectrami, with its focused approach and wide channel network. We are confident that Spectrami will provide us an excellent opportunity to expand our reach in the Middle East region.”

Tenable provides enterprise grade agentless solutions for the continuous monitoring of vulnerabilities, configuration weaknesses, data leakage, log management and compromise detection to help ensure FDCC, FISMA, SANS CAG and PCI compliance.

Spectrami has also been appointed as value added distributor for self-service password management solutions provider Fastpasscorp, to distribute its products across the Middle East region. Fastpass provides enterprise password management for small to large enterprises as well as for managed service providers and has the ability to securely manage passwords and resolve account lockout incidents in a self-service fashion without involvement of helpdesk personnel. It also helps in meeting requirements for regulatory compliance and address identity management challenges.

Anand Choudha, Managing Director, Spectrami, said, “We are excited to partner with Fastpass to offer a cost effective and easy to deploy solution that will not just help meet the security and compliance requirements of the companies but also streamline administrative tasks of service desk, thereby reducing IT costs and helping them to meet their business objectives”. With hacking and cyber crimes gaining in the real world, Fastpass enterprise password management provides a solution for companies in the region to safeguard their organisation’s and secure their information without any human interference. FastPassCorp is headquartered in the Greater Copenhagen area, Denmark.

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