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Sweex gaming accessories

Al Otaiba Communications, one of the leading telecom and technology product distributors in the Middle East and the exclusive distributor for Sweex in the region, has launched a unique line of Sweex gaming accessories desgined for popular gaming platforms like PC, PSP, NDS Lite and Wii including the Sweex NDS Lite 17-in-1 Bundle, Sweex PSP 17-in-1 Premium Players Kit and the Sweex Wii Sports Pack. The compact and stylish looking kits add convenience and additional features to the gaming experience.
The Sweex NDS Lite 17-in-1 Bundle has no less than 17 useful products. This bundle represents all that a gamer  needs as the proud owner of a NDS Lite. With the NDS Lite car adapter you can charge the NDS Lite on the road so that you can game on without interruptions. The NDS Lite stereo earphones can be used so that others are not bothered by the sound. And when you finish gaming, you store your NDS Lite in the solid NDS Lite case. The bundle comes in the colors black, pink and white.
The Sweex NDS Lite 17-in-1 Bundle Black consists of the following 17 products:

  • NDS Lite Case
  • NDS Lite Car adapter
  • NDS Lite Docking station
  • NDS Lite Stereo earphones
  • NDS Lite Game card cases (3 pieces)
  • NDS Lite Stylus (2 pieces)
  • NDS Lite Screen protection sheets (4 pieces)
  • NDS Lite Mini screen wipes (3 pieces)
  • NDS Lite Wrist cord

The Sweex PSP 17-in-1 Premium Players Kit contains all the important accessories for your PSP Slim & Lite. The solid PSP case, which is also available separately, protects your PSP and the 7 useful PSP UMD covers make sure your games are protected. Data can be sent to your computer with the PSP USB data cable. With the PSP car adapter you can game on the road for as long as you like. With the PSP microfiber screen wipe cloth and the transparent screen protection sheet your PSP continues to look good!
The Sweex PSP 17-in-1 Premium Players Kit consists of the following 17 products:

  • PSP Case
  • PSP Wrist cord
  • PSP Screen protection sheet
  • PSP Screen wipe cloth
  • PSP Desk stand
  • PSP Car adapter
  • PSP Stereo earphones
  • PSP Dual earphone adapter
  • PSP USB data & power cable
  • PSP Mobile charger pack & cable
  • PSP UMD covers (7 pieces)

Gamers having the Wii Sports Pack can connect their sports device to the  Wii controller and experience their favourite sport simply in the living room. The Sweex Wii Sports Pack contains a holder for the Wii controller, a tennis racket, golf club and a baseball bat.
Besides the various 17-in-1 bundles and kits, other Sweex  gaming accessories like a NDS 4-in-1 Stylus Bundle, Wii Dual Battery Charger, Wii Fit Pack and the Wii Racing Wheel are also now available in this region through Al Otaiba.


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