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TANDBERG delivers scalable Video recording solution

TANDBERG introduced the TANDBERG Compliance Appliance, the industry’s first video recording appliance designed to help organisations manage risk and comply with anticipated video archiving regulations. The Compliance Appliance streamlines the video recording process, especially critical for the financial, legal, education and healthcare markets, which often deal with sensitive customer interactions.

“The TANDBERG Compliance Appliance is the first integrated video recording product available to meet large scale needs of organizations to archive video calls and easily identify content for compliance and auditing purposes,” said analyst Bill Bradway of Bradway Research LLC. “TANDBERG is again leading the way in the expanding visual communications market by developing a solution that seamlessly documents and archives video files that is consistent with similar processes for other forms of communications to help ensure regulatory compliance.”

With analysts predicting substantial growth in video conferencing and telepresence use, as well as an expanding regulatory environment, a solution for documenting video communication details has become critical to many industries. The TANDBERG Compliance Appliance is the result of significant worldwide research on recording regulations as well as the archiving and accessing needs of companies.

“Headlines from around the world have placed companies on watch for increasing regulation. At the same time, these organizations are turning to telepresence and video conferencing to make more informed, faster decisions and to reduce travel,” said Fredrik Halvorsen, CEO TANDBERG. “The TANDBERG Compliance Appliance enables customers to fully experience the benefits of video while alleviating their concerns over regulatory recording requirements.”

The scalable TANDBERG Compliance Appliance automatically records every aspect of a video call, including all participant views and shared multimedia; assigns meta data to each video file to make it easily accessible; transcodes the file; and transfers the file to the customer’s Storage Area Network. The solution works seamlessly with any standards-based video network and, to ensure every call is documented, the recording process does not require any action by meeting participants. Accessing stored data at a later date is also made simple.

Compliance Appliance helps organizations in a range of industries – from financial to healthcare – meet regulatory requirements

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