Emitac Distribution partners with Akhdar Fzco

In terms of the partnership, EDL will work with Akhdar Fzco, Dubai’s “Green” integrated solution provider, to recycles e-waste ethically hence offering an alternative to incinerators, landfill disposal and unethical shipment of e-waste to developing nations.


“We are very pleased to say that all our e-waste is now picked up on a regular basis from branches in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi and sent for ethical recycling. It relieves us of a lot of burden knowing that all the waste is being recycled without harming the environment in any way nor being exported to the developing countries and adding to the pollution there” said Amer Khreino, CEO Emitac Distribution.


EDL’s initiative with Akhdar does not end here, it’s a long term plan which will be executed in various stages wherein EDL and Akhdar will run campaigns with the partners and customers to promote this to the end users encouraging them to join hands in this campaign by dropping off their old equipment at designated outlets from where this equipment will be sent for recycling.


Emitac Distribution (EDL) has partnered with Akhdar Fzco with the aim of working towards a greener environment.

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