Nanjgel highlights success of ‘Nanjgel Cyber Security Framework’

22 Jude PerieraAs a participant at GISEC for three years now, Nanjgel Solutions’ aims to further create market awareness of their capabilities.

The company also supported its vendors and its customers through the event. “It really makes us feel good when we have most of our clients really make it a point to visit our booth at GISEC just to get a quick overview of our entire portfolio and have a quick chat with the entire team,” said Jude Pereira, MD, Nanjgel Solutions.

According Pereira, the biggest announcement for the company at this year’s GISEC is the success of its “Nanjgel Cyber Security Framework” which the company had launched at the during GISEC 2015. “We are proud to state that we have five customers that gave us the opportunity to implement the complete this end-to-end framework, which does not only puts them ahead of competition from the security or risk perspective, but has also helps them achieve the quickest ROI. Apart from all this, we are proud to be associated with a few new vendors like Looking Glass – Cyber Security Threat Intelligence, DNS Defender, Virus Tracker and Digital Guardian among others.”

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