Malicious mobility

From paying bills on our smartphones to banking on our tablets, we are living more and more of our lives on our mobile devices. However, with all of this agility comes a measure of concern.

SEC: Powering up

The Saudi power utility company uses end-user IT analytics to transform user experience and gain real-time visibility into the IT environment.

Managing the cloud

As storage and computing power move from traditional bare-metal solutions, the next step is to find managing software that maintains the resource conservation, cost savings and agility that is the very draw of cloud computing. CNME investigates the benefits of open-source cloud management and what to look out for when choosing a management solution.

Serving the connected customer

Hozefa Saylawala, Regional Sales Director, Middle East Region, Enterprise Mobility Solutions Business, Motorola Solutions, says retailers have an opportunity to approach the technologically integrated customer by implementing the right solutions.

Framing the future

On 8th April, IBM celebrated the 50th anniversary of System/360, its mainframe system which transformed the computing world. James Dartnell reports from the Mainframe50 conference in New York City where the infrastructure giant celebrated the milestone with the release of new cloud and Hadoop services.

Staying current in the cloud

As the region moves forward with cloud computing, Systems Integration specialists and IT consultants will need to reexamine their roles. While some professionals may be nervous about the change, staying current with cloud technologies is key to maintaining revenue streams.

Guardian of information

Premchand Kurup, Chief Executive Officer, Paramount, shares trends in information security and how it impacts the systems integrator’s business.

Big prospects

Reseller ME finds out how the channel players can penetrate the Big Data space to offer value-added services in the region.

Harnessing gigabit Wi-Fi

The fifth generation of Wi-Fi has arrived. This has left organisations with the decision of whether to transition to the newer, faster, wireless networking standard. Is the new version of the 802.11 Wi-Fi standard ready for prime time?

Rubbish rebooted

Waste has been managed in the same way with the same technologies for decades. Amin Al Zarouni, Head of ICT, Bee’ah, and his team have taken the traditional idea of waste management and turned it on its head.

Wi-Fi to the rescue

Wi-Fi promises many benefits for cellular operators looking to meet the ever-increasing bandwidth needs and ease congestion on their networks.

Interview: Former CIA CISO Robert Bigman

As Chief Information Security Officer of the Central Intelligence Agency for 30 years, Robert Bigman was entrusted with protecting the United States’ most sensitive secrets. The President of consultancy firm 2BSecure took time out to talk to CNME about his views on security.

Tapping into growth

Derek Tu, Sales Manager, Synology, discusses the region’s potential for storage solutions and the company’s channel strategies with Reseller ME.


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