How data-literate is your organisation?

Staying above water

Venturing into the use of Big Data – and in particular, predictive analytics – solutions can be a messy business. We look at what IT leaders can do to get the most out of their sea of data.

Arduous advance

Shortly after joining Qatari firm Petroserv as Head of IT in April 2013, Mubarik Hussain was tasked with a business-wide IT overhaul. Two years later, he has been thrust into a high-powered transformation role in which he has encountered fierce resistance, and anxiously awaits results of a project which could be game-changing for the company.

The value quotient

Amjad Fathi Al-Omar, General Manager, Sariya IT, reveals growth strategy and channel plans for the year.

Roadmap for growth

Citrix’ Johnny Karam, Regional Vice President, Middle East and Africa and Luca Marinelli, Vice President, Channel Sales & Strategy, EMEA, explain how specialisation is key for partner profitability.

Boosting partnerships

At VMware’s Partner Exchange 2015, the vendor announced updates for its partner network. Reeman Ansari, Manager Partner Organisation, MENA, VMware, elaborates on the finer details.

Partner to expand

Reseller ME catches up with Robert Brower, VP, Worldwide Customer Support and Training, CommVault, to learn about what partners can expect from the data and information management software vendor.

Betting big

Insights from Big Data and analytics can transform businesses and give it the power to make informed decisions. Reseller ME investigates what the channel partners can do to reach out to customers more effectively and monetise this technology.

Path to success

With resellers being the key component of the channel landscape, RME profiles leading players and discusses important factors to their success.

Lighting up

Cellular networks in the Middle East will need fatter pipes to the wired Internet to keep delivering a satisfying mobile experience, and fibre is emerging as the best for mobile backhaul networks.

Charged up

Ihab Al Saheli, General Manager, CNS, discusses company plans and how the industry is evolving with the current market trends.

Keep security simple

Alan Matthews, Chairman, Rapid7 believes in deleting emails. He strongly suggests not hoarding unused data, like old correspondence that can be mined by cyber-criminals and used against you. CNME sits down with Matthews to see what other suggestions he has to keep our data safe.

The big upgrade

The adoption of virtualisation in the past few years has undoubtedly changed the face of the data centre. No longer housed in sprawling warehouses, data centres are fast becoming slimmed down and agile.

Safety on the go

There is no question that the use of mobile devices, both personally and professionally, are now not only convinient, but necessary for productivity. As the mobile technology develops, mobile security best practices must also adapt.


Think green

Launched in 1992 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, ‘Energy Star’ was the initiative that kick-started green IT. Since then, minimising the negative impact of information technology use on the environment has become increasingly pertinent in the age of sustainability.


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