Easy money

As hackers become more organised, previously challenging targets seem like easy pickings. In the past, a thief would need to take on high-risk behaviour to gain access to the goods. Now, the big payoff may be only a few clicks away.

IoT: Invasive or invaluable?

The Internet of Things is forecast to be a pivotal and pervasive tech trend in the coming years. The power to connect almost any physical object to the Internet could bring huge benefits for the enterprise, but what are its pitfalls? How can Middle Eastern organisations overcome security and privacy concerns to realise the benefits of the IoT?

Meeting the brief

The way employees do business has changed over the last few years. More and more meetings are conducted remotely, using UC tools including video conferencing. Although convenient, there are a few things to keep in mind if physical workspaces are phased out.

Behind the money

Sana Khater, CFO, Waha Capital, is one of the most influential women in business – and she has the awards to prove it. With over 20 years of experience in the finance and banking sectors, Khater discusses how collaboration between departments is key for the modern CFO.

Calling the shots

Having taken over the Middle East business at the beginning of this year, Richard Noujaim, Managing Director, MEA, Arrow ECS, says partners can look forward to the distributor’s proprietary cloud platform, ArrowSphere among other things in 2015.

Dial D for digital

How can telecom operators offer a more integrated omnichannel experience and develop new products and services to meet the needs of their customers?

Virtual velocity

With a growing number of passengers and an ever-expanding fleet of planes, flydubai is soaring. With success such as theirs, however, often come a few challenges. To address their IT needs, flydubai turned to virtualisation so that their vision would never be grounded.

Cool, calm, connected

When planning a getaway, most travellers fantasise of ice cold beverages on the beach, relaxing massages and thowing their smartphone into the ocean. The reality is, however, that modern holiday-makers can rarely ditch their devices completely. When they need to connect, they demand speeds that will get them away from the screen and back on the beach.

Managerial mind

For Akshaya Gaur, technical acumen alone has never been enough to succeed in IT. The Mashreq Bank Chief Information Officer has garnered a wealth of international experience across innovative projects, but has never lost his love of getting the best from his teams.

Above and beyond

Over The Top (OTT) telecom services are a fantastic opportunity for consumers and the enterprise, but could pose a threat to vendors themselves. How is OTT impacting the telco market and what impact will it have in the future?

In a flash

Flash storage is gaining popularity in the enterprise storage market, Reseller ME speaks to experts to learn how partners can benefit from this growth wave.

Spy games

More and more, headlines are drawing attention to instances of cyber-espionage. Beyond basic hacking, cyber-espionage targets governments or companies with the goal of extracting information or trade secrets. In this secret world, what motivates these hackers and what can be done to stop them.

A suit of armor

As various emerging technologies become popular in business environments, security is a prime concern for organisations. Reseller Middle East explores how partners can make the most of the opportunities present here.


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