The convergence era

The regional market is seeing an uptake for converged infrastructure solutions. Reseller ME examines how channel partners can effectively sell these solutions.

Heavy metal

Enamoured with futuristic technology, Esam Hadi has a passion for innovation. Aluminium Bahrain’s Senior IT Manager has used the power of IT automation to convince the firm’s senior management of calculated tech risks, and is determined to empower a new crop of the company’s rising stars.

Wear ME

Although a host of new players have entered the market over the last two years, wearable technology is still at a nascent stage. Reseller ME speaks to industry experts to discover how much of it is channel play and how partners can monetise the opportunities present.

Set in concrete

With a lack of sufficient processes to ensure timely delivery of its product, Gulf Precast was suffering. Mohammad Shahzad, ICT Manager, Gulf Precast Concrete, implemented an enterprise-wide ERP solution which has vastly improved operating processes and had a huge impact on the company’s bottom line.

Productive paranoia

To many, Naimish Shah’s job title may seem a foreign concept. Emirates NBD’s Vice President of Enterprise Architecture, Information Security and Innovation has to balance two key top-line agendas which are in constant conflict with one another.

Savvy shopping

Shoppers at the global grocery chain Carrefour come in for the savings, and leave laden down with the week’s shop. What they don’t see are the piles of paperwork it takes to keep things running smoothly. The potential for data loss when working with a paper-based system was simply too high for Ihab Damouri, GM of HR , Carrefour Middle East, to abide. He turned to technology for a solution.

Faster fabric

Although impressive, 10 gigabit Ethernet faces stiff competition. Network architects need to brace themselves for the impending arrival of 25G/50G Ethernet technology, which promises to redefine the data centre networking landscape in enterprises.

Paper purge

Any firm specialising in construction and engineering work needs rock solid business processes to match its concrete end products. Unfortunately for BATCO Group, a reliance on paper documents left the firm with serious problems. IT Manager Chadi Eid sought an enterprise content management solution as a remedy.

Striking a balance

The concept of business-IT alignment is a top priority for most CIOs around the world. But it presents a conundrum. How can CIOs ensure that their efforts satisfy a company’s internal technology needs as well as delivering value to the most important stakeholder – the customer?

The daily compute

Abdulla Al Bastaki has been an ever-present in Dubai’s Smart te transformation. RTA’s Director of IT has been a mainstay of public sector technology, from the emirate’s e-Gov to Smart City phases, and has learned the value of customer satisfaction en route.

Losing IT

Highly publicised events have demonstrated that it is now more difficult than ever to protect an organisation’s internal data. Advances in technology and productivity tools have made collaboration in the workplace easier, while also creating new vectors for data to leave the organisation.

The powerhouse

King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah has a vital new research tool. Not just any new system, its High Performance Computer has been rated as the 360th most powerful supercomputer in the world. Dr Iyad Katib, Director of the High Performance Computing Centre, discusses the current and future uses of the behemoth.


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