Piece by piece

FDC International is working towards building an ecosystem that encourages mutual growth for partners and vendors alike. The company’s senior executives give us an in-depth look at its business strategy and plans for the future.

Greener pastures

Green IT investments go deeper than energy efficiencies; they root down to investments in training and education to gain mindshare to reap any significant benefits. Industry experts tell us exactly how these investments are shaping up in the region.

Apple a day

iSTYLE, a premium reseller of Apple products in Europe, Middle East and Africa has capitalised on the burgeoning demand for the Apple creations in the region. We speak to the company’s GM, Hani Nehme to learn more.

Steady as it goes

DataCare, a Dubai based IT wholesaler, is cashing in on the burgeoning demand for storage media while staying true to its business principles to continue on its journey for growth.

Out with old school

With the world of technology changing constantly, it is difficult for universities to keep producing IT graduates that are sufficiently …

TV goes IP

Internet-based TV technology is slowly catching up in the region, opening up new revenue streams for telecom service providers. Despite …

Apple vs Samsung, more than meets the eye

The battle between Apple and Samsung goes far beyond litigation right down to the roots of consumer behaviour. Ashish Panjabi, COO at Jacky’s Group of Companies believes that although the competition between the two technology giants hasn’t yet impacted the Middle East, it has exposed greater truths about each of these companies.

Next gen security

Firewalls are no longer what they used to be – and despite the fact they are low on the adoption …

Still going strong

As storage technologies go through massive changes, some analysts have begun to doubt the role and relevance of storage area …

Playing catch-up

As infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service models gain popularity in the U.S. and Western Europe, adoption amongst Middle East enterprises remains low. …

Connecting the world

Everybody’s heard of Internet2, the network consortium that connects universities and research communities across the USA. Less have heard of …


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