How is LTE-Advanced different from regular LTE?

Just as many consumers are getting their first taste of speedy 4G LTE connections, carriers around the globe have begun pouring resources into building LTE-Advanced networks, which promise even faster and more reliable mobile access.

Stepping on the gas

Emirates Gas is a subsidiary of the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC). It specialises in compressing cooking gas or industrial gas into cylinders and then selling the gas on. If you’ve ever seen those trucks rolling around Dubai with dozens of red gas cylinders on the back, the chances are that the gas came from Emirates Gas.

Is Bitcoin’s luck already drying up?

Bitcoin: What is it, really? A digital currency? An investment? An Xbox game? For many people, it’s not clear, but that hasn’t stopped venture capitalists from going gaga over it.

Prevention is better than cure

With security so high on the agenda, businesses are doing everything they can to safeguard their networks from cyber-criminals keen to capitalise on software exploits. But do businesses pay enough attention to software updates when there are hundreds of other issues to address?

Are you at risk?

The pressure is mounting on regional enterprises to ensure their disaster recovery plan is ready to protect their networks and critical infrastructure from the worst.

Increasing adoption of digital banking in Malaysia: interview

The adoption of digital and self service channels in Malaysia and Asia shows that banks are sharpening their focus on adapting services to meet the demands of an increasingly tech-savvy consumer, said financial IT services firm Sungard’s vice president, product management, banking, Dean Young, during an interview with Computerworld Malaysia.

Digital dreams

The healthcare industry is notorious for the amount of paper it consumes. From lengthy patient records to scribbled prescription notes, hospitals and healthcare organisations are always grappling with the problem of what to do with its masses of paper.

Expo 2020 outlook

On 26 November, 2013, Dubai was awarded the opportunity to host the World Expo 2020. And with this, the city has been given a chance to make huge developments.


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