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Cyberoam launches rewards programme for partners in the region

Cyberoam, an identity-based Unified Threat Management (UTM) range of solutions from Elitecore Technologies, today announced the launch of an automated rewards programme for its channel partners.

The programme will reward registered channel partners for selling Cyberoam solutions via easy-to-claim gift incentives . The points can be cashed in for several exciting gifts and programmes, the company said.

The Cyberoam Partner Advantage Programme though currently available in select countries, is in course of being rolled out for partners across the world and is part of an intrinsic Cyberoam strategy to stimulate its channel partners with new and efficient sales tools and incentives for making deeper inroads into the market.

The automated scheme is user friendly and instantly updates all credit worthy sales in real time, it was reported.

Partners can log-in, check their balance and look through rewards and choose prizes. Partners can also participate in promotions all year round that double and triple points on select SKUs, allowing them to cash in more thrilling gifts, the company added. The points are calibrated against and equivalent to a unit of the standard USD, Euro and GBP currency and the reward point structure for the entire range of UTM devices is clearly listed on the portal.

Surender Kumar Bishnoi, GM-Middle East, Cyberoam said,  “Cyberoam designs incentive  programmes and streamlines processes as part of its strategy of enabling  partners to  aggressively drive business in the channel, keep motivation levels high and  lower partner’s costs at all possible points in the course of sales and marketing. We look forward to see the impact of the initiative as it translates into value for sales and marketing effort across the channel.”

As a partner-centric company  Cyberoam invests highly and effectively on all partner parameters including  technology, marketing assistance, training and certification, brand pull and marketing, price-performance of products, customer support, among many others, representatives claim. Cyberoam’s offers regular programme for unique and innovative marketing and sales support based on research, collaboration and a strategy that sees partners as central to its growth dreams.

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