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Red Hat and Celonis Make Hybrid Multicloud a Reality for Intelligent Business Execution

Dubai, UAE, January 5, 2022: Red Hat, IBM and Celonis today announced the general availability of Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) on Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) as a managed cloud service. This enables organisations to take full advantage of the collaboration and unique expertise of each company in a multicloud environment. AWS is the first public cloud platform to offer Celonis EMS on Red Hat OpenShift, with support for others planned in the near future including Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

In April 2021, the three companies strategically partnered to accelerate how global organisations drive business execution through process mining, data intelligence and systems automation. Despite trillions of dollars invested in digital transformation, from next-generation applications to cloud-based systems, organisations still struggle to realise full business potential due to process inefficiencies and gaps, siloed data and an overall expansion in IT complexity.

Managed and supported jointly by Red Hat and AWS, ROSA provides a turn-key application platform that makes it easier for organisations to build, scale and manage containerised applications on OpenShift on AWS. The service combines the innovation, flexibility and open nature of the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, Red Hat OpenShift, with the scale and power of AWS. This combination streamlines infrastructure and operational management and enables organisations to focus purely on delivering greater business value through cloud-native transformation.

With the availability of Celonis EMS on ROSA, enterprises are able to analyse and optimise their business processes backed by the combined expertise of Celonis, IBM Consulting and Red Hat. Celonis, the global leader in execution management, provides its EMS to organisations, weaving together data, intelligence and action to allow companies to put data to work in core systems like enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). Celonis EMS analyses real-time data from these systems to intelligently identify and unlock full process execution capacity across organisations.

Celonis EMS on ROSA enables enterprises to focus on business improvement processes while taking advantage of Kubernetes innovation to speed up time to value. The offering helps remove cloud infrastructure complexity and provides flexible deployment options for customers.

Since forging the strategic alliance earlier this year, IBM Consulting has embedded Celonis EMS into the IBM Garage Methodology and Celonis recently recognised IBM as Global Alliance Partner of the Year. By integrating Celonis EMS and using the capabilities of the Red Hat OpenShift platform, IBM Consulting intends to put the power of business execution into the hands of IBM consultants in multiple geographies and industries.

Lars Herrmann, Vice President, Partner Ecosystem Products and Technologies, Red Hat

“As cloud strategies mature, we have seen IT organisations establish preferences for specific cloud environments and strategies, which in turn can raise new challenges for SaaS providers. Red Hat OpenShift, available as a consistent cloud service across multiple clouds highlighted by Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS, enables SaaS leaders like Celonis to deliver greater cloud choice to their customers while relying on Red Hat’s expertise in managing, maintaining and scaling infrastructure spanning multicloud environments. This enhances the customer experience while fostering vendor innovation as they can now focus on core offerings without having to deal with the underlying architectural complexities”.

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