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Garth Landers, Mimecast

Mimecast Limited has announced the availability of Mimecast Cloud Archive for Theta Lake. The robust integration is designed to streamline risk analysis and governance efforts in the current remote working era to enable capture, retention, eDiscovery, and automated risk detection across relevant productivity applications.  Key productivity applications include e-mail, audio, video, and chat data from Webex Teams, Webex Meetings, Zoom (Meetings, Phone, Chat), Microsoft Teams (Chat, Calls, and Meetings), RingCentral Office, Slack, LogMeIn, BlueJeans, and more. Integrating archive data into a unified environment can help bring significant benefits including speed of search, risk reduction, cost minimisation and user-friendly compliance.

Effective risk and information governance have always been a business-critical issue, and the introduction of new productivity and communication applications to support remote working efforts has only increased the need. Organisations must adapt to intelligently capture, manage and retain rich, high-volume data. When data is stored in multiple silos and disparate cloud environments, governance relevant data becomes difficult to identify and collect.

“Although the way we conduct business has dramatically changed in recent months, governance requirements remain and are increasing with new privacy regulations and litigation on the rise. All organisations must adapt to intelligently capture, manage and retain their communication data,” said Garth Landers, director of product marketing at Mimecast. “Mimecast Cloud Archive for Theta Lake is designed to streamline information governance in the remote working era, allowing key stakeholders to quickly analyse data, manage risk and monitor productivity applications.”

Theta Lake provides a fully-featured, supervised-focused media player, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-assisted review workspace, timestamp of risk detections and a search across any content – spoken, shown or shared. When combined with Mimecast Cloud Archive, the solution helps organisations:

  • Retain and supervise unified communications – Capture, archive, and search across video, audio, chat, and other unified communication content within Mimecast from Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, RingCentral, Zoom, Slack, BlueJeans, and other UC sources.
  • Quickly find messages – Create saved searches in Mimecast Cloud Archive to easily retain important content efficiently. Search across UC content metadata, along with transcripts, risk scores, types of risks that were automatically identified in content, and more.
  • Manage compliance and risk – Analyse content against regulatory, corporate compliance, conduct, security, data leakage, and custom policies. Theta Lake uses AI and ML to detect problematic content across voice, content shared on screen, webcam images, virtual whiteboards, documents, chat messages, and shared media.
  • Comply with regulations – Integration will help your organisation meet financial services and regulatory requirements for compliance supervision and other use cases.
  • Intuitive user interfaces – Providing faster insights and greater productivity for all stakeholders including IT, legal and compliance.

To learn more about Mimecast Cloud Archive for Theta Lake visit here.

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