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NETGEAR Launches the Orbi 970 Series with Groundbreaking WiFi 7 Technology

NETGEAR®, Inc., the industry leader in advanced networking technologies, has taken a giant leap forward with the introduction of the Orbi 970 Series.

This latest addition to the esteemed Orbi family integrates revolutionary WiFi 7 technology, setting a new benchmark for wireless home connectivity with its sophisticated design, robust performance, and pioneering features. Today’s release marks a significant milestone in NETGEAR’s history, reflecting over 25 years of innovation in WiFi technology.

The Orbi 970 Series debuts a sleek, new antenna design and NETGEAR’s exclusive Enhanced Dedicated Backhaul, leveraging the full potential of WiFi 7 to offer unprecedented speeds up to 27 Gbps. The series is designed to provide seamless, ultra-fast internet to every corner of any home, ensuring no room, hallway, or backyard is left uncovered.

Unleashing Elite Connectivity with WiFi 7

As homes become increasingly connected and the demand for bandwidth-intensive applications grows, the need for faster, more reliable WiFi has never been greater. The Orbi 970 Series addresses this need by incorporating WiFi 7 technology, which builds upon the advancements of WiFi 6E with expanded 320 MHz channels, enhancing throughput and reducing latency for all connected devices.

The introduction of WiFi 7 brings several enhancements that are fully exploited by the Orbi 970 Series:

  1. Quad-Band Technology and Enhanced Backhaul: The Orbi 970 Series features NETGEAR’s patented Quad-Band technology, which uses four simultaneous WiFi bands to dramatically increase the network’s carrying capacity. This setup includes a unique Enhanced Dedicated Backhaul that combines a dedicated 5 GHz band with a 6 GHz band, effectively doubling the connection speed between the router and satellites. This configuration ensures a 10 Gig wireless backhaul, minimizing latency and maximizing data throughput across all connected devices.
  2. Optimized Antenna Design: Each unit in the Orbi 970 Series features 12 high-performance internal antennas housed in an elegantly designed cylindrical body. These antennas, paired with high-powered amplifiers, provide comprehensive 360-degree coverage, ensuring robust WiFi signal throughout large and complex home layouts.
  3. Multi-Gig Connectivity: The router boasts a 10 Gig internet port, one additional 10 Gig, and four 2.5 Gig Ethernet ports, allowing users to connect multiple devices at the highest speeds currently available. This makes the Orbi 970 Series ideal for multi-gig internet plans and ensures that each connected device receives optimal bandwidth.

Security and Parental Controls

Understanding the importance of network security, the Orbi 970 Series comes equipped with NETGEAR Armor™ Powered by Bitdefender®. This service offers an automatic shield of security for all connected devices, providing comprehensive protection against external threats and managing outbound traffic to prevent any unauthorized data transmission.

Additionally, the Orbi 970 Series includes NETGEAR Smart Parental Controls™, which help parents manage and monitor their children’s online activities. These controls ensure that children have safe and productive internet experiences, and they can be customized and managed from anywhere using the NETGEAR Orbi app.

Coverage and Connectivity for Every Home

The Orbi 970 Series is available in various configurations to suit different home sizes and coverage needs. The standard 3-pack (model RBE973S) offers coverage up to 10,000 square feet and supports up to 200 devices, accommodating even the most connected homes. For larger spaces, additional satellites (model RBS970) can be purchased to extend coverage by up to 3,300 square feet per unit, each equipped with one 10 Gig and two 2.5 Gig Ethernet ports to maintain unbeatable speed and reliability.

Technical Specifications:

  • 320MHz High-Capacity Channels: Provides up to 2.4x the speed to connected devices and is fully backward compatible with older WiFi devices.
  • 4K QAM: Increases speeds by making more efficient use of the available bandwidth.
  • Preamble Puncturing: Enables a wider channel than would otherwise be available in areas of high interference.
  • Multi-link Operation (MLO): Uses multiple WiFi bands at once for both backhaul and fronthaul, improving network reliability, reducing latency, and ensuring data is delivered with maximum speed.
  • Wi-Fi 7 Qualcomm® Networking Pro Series Platform: Delivers uncompromising WiFi 7 performance for today’s hyper-connected homes.


The NETGEAR Orbi 970 Series is available now in classic white on and at other major retailers subsequently. The Orbi black limited edition is available exclusively on For more information or to make a purchase, visit

Image Credit: NETGEAR

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