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APC launches data centre cooling solution

With the ability to switch automatically between air-to-air and indirect evaporative heat exchange, the EcoBreeze consistently provides cooling to data centres in the most efficient manner.Available in individual 50kw modules that can be grouped up to four modules (200kw) or eight modules (400kw) of sensible cooling, EcoBreeze effectively reduces energy consumption by leveraging temperature differences between the outside ambient air and the return air to provide economised cooling to data centres.

Pat Johnson, Vice-President, Rack and Cooling Solutions, APC by Schneider Electric, said: “The EcoBreeze not only provides multiple types of air economisation, its modular design also allows the unit to adapt to the future cooling needs of a data centre. These features, coupled with the fact that the unit uses outside air and is able to automatically switch to the most efficient cooling modes, set the EcoBreeze apart from other cooling solutions.

“When building new data centres, IT managers look to our products and solutions to create the most efficient and adaptable facilities. We are excited when we can offer a product like the EcoBreeze that can address both the immediate and future needs of the customer.”

The EcoBreeze complies with ASHRAE 90.1/TC 9.9 requirements for efficiency and economisation with multiple frame sizes with varying voltages and phases to address the cooling needs of any data centre. The product will be available for purchase in Europe, the Middle East and Africa through different timeframes starting in 2011.

With data centres constantly expanding and local energy companies placingheavy restrictions on a data centre’s ability to pull more power from the grid, reducing power consumption through energy efficiency and economization assume greater significance. The EcoBreeze addresses the needs of today’s data centres by implementing multiple forms of economisation into each module. The unit, located outside the perimeter of the data centre, also takes advantage of localised climates and automatically switches between the two forms of economised cooling.

The modular, scalable approach of EcoBreeze enables customers to purchase only what is needed to meet current cooling requirements and the capability to increase their cooling capacity whenever the data centre grows in the future. Such modularity also provides redundancy at the frame level and ensures availability of the system even through maintenance and service intervals. The EcoBreeze takes up zero whitespace, enabling IT managers to utilise available space within the data centre to increase its capacity without having to allot any dedicated area to include additional cooling units.

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