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Abdalla Mustafa, regional director at Emitac Distribution

Abdalla Mustafa has been working his way up the career ranks at Emitac Distribution since 2004.

“I started as business development manager looking after Abu Dhabi before being promoted to sales manager for HP IPG & PSG in 2006. In 2009, Mustafa was once again promoted to director of sales and marketing,” he said.

Today, less than three years after his last promotion, Mustafa has been appointed regional director at Emitac Distribution.

In an industry marked by high attrition rates, Mustafa’s loyalty and commitment to Emitac Distribution does not go unnoticed, he says that his promotions have been based not just on his performance but also on his aptitude and his creative instincts.

“I enjoy marketing it allows you to be creative. We are currently undergoing an exciting time at Emitac Distribution, we are revitalising our brand. I am immensely proud of the fact that I have been part of a recent a seminar to where Emitac as a company worked at re defining its vision, mission and values,” Mustafa says.

A believer in the power of social media as a tool to build relationships with customers, Mustafa has most recently been involved in the creation of Emitac Distribution’s Facebook page.

A business graduate, Mustafa has consciously invested in continuous learning and education. “I have completed many professional courses. You should see the wall in my office; I display my certificates with pride because while acquiring new skills is important to me, education garners creativity for it helps me come up with new ideas,” he explains.

Mustafa says that during his early years at Emitac, he learnt the art of multi-tasking. “When I was the business development manager for Abu Dhabi, working away from headquarters I assumed a number of roles from marketing and logistics to customer relations, sales and credit recovery as well. Not only did I learn the importance of time management but it was then that I realised the importance of marketing activities and how the right approach to marketing can change the way customers perceive the brand and the organisation,” Mustafa states.

He adds that his strive to be the best is under pinned by his ambition to be a good role model to his children. Mustafa describes himself as a creative and simple individual who although humble, prides himself on his positivity and his ability to stay focused and make things happen.

He adds that he makes no secret of his aspiration to one day be a politician in his home country (India). “Not only do I hope to protect the rights of my people but I also want to help empower a nation that has so much to offer,” he says.

When not working, he enjoys spending time with his family. Whether they’re out for a swim or playing chess or even just browsing on his iPad or the family owned BlackBerry Playbook, Mustafa says these hours make the best memories.

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