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F5 leads the crowd in bot management

Haiyan Song, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Security & Distributed Cloud at F5.

F5 announced that Aite-Novarica Group, a financial services research and advisory firm, has ranked the company as a Best-in-Class provider of bot management solutions in their recently released Aite Matrix: Leading Bot Detection and Management Providers report.

As a Best-in-Class vendor, F5’s approach integrates bot and fraud detection capabilities to secure organisations from a breadth of automated attacks while reducing user friction and allowing for the continued operation of good bots. Its solution, F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defence, uses sophisticated machine learning models to monitor and process over 4.5 billion HTTP transactions daily, allowing it to instantly adapt to new attack patterns.

The Impact Report highlights the following key benefits of F5’s bot management solution:

  • Two areas of consistent strengths were the ability to leverage threat signatures across the network of F5 clients and the ability of the solution to scale across numerous website properties with relatively minimal effort, according to client feedback.
  • The company’s around-the-clock team of experts works to triage alerts, eliminating false positives and forwarding confirmed bot traffic into a supervised learning system. This approach has made F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defence an attractive solution among large global enterprises.
  • Through a combination of organic and inorganic investment in recent years, F5 has developed a portfolio of complementary services that work together to provide capabilities needed by nearly all businesses. For example, the acquisition of Volterra enabled F5’s global-scale SaaS platform and a simple self-service deployment choice for F5’s security solutions.
  • F5’s support team consistently received praise for the ability to respond to client requests quickly and effectively.

“We’re thrilled that Aite-Novarica Group has recognized F5’s Distributed Cloud Bot Defense as Best in Class”, said Haiyan Song, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Security & Distributed Cloud at F5. “Bots aren’t going away anytime soon—in fact, they will only continue to get more prevalent and sophisticated. That’s why, in order to ensure a secure and frictionless digital experience for users, bot management solutions must automatically and intelligently adapt as attackers retool to bypass countermeasures. We’re aiming to do just that with our solution strategy to converge bot management, app security, and fraud detection capabilities, and it’s great to see the results and the recognition of our unique approach”.

The Aite-Novarica Group report shows how organisations can leverage solution providers to protect themselves from bot attacks and explores the key trends within the bot detection and management market. It also discusses how technology is evolving to address market needs and challenges and introduces organisations to leading bot prevention and management vendors and compares them, highlighting their primary strengths and areas for enhancement.

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