Consumer seek practical, efficient smart home products: study

A new, global survey from Whirlpool Corporation is helping paint a picture of what our future smart homes will look like.

More than 2,000 homeowners and renters in four different regions of the world show what consumers are craving – smart features that are easy to understand and are a practical and efficient addition to their everyday household tasks.

At CES 2019, Whirlpool Corporation has introduced more than 20 new products and services across its brand portfolio that underscore these needs.

The survey, which underscore the need for practical, efficient solutions from the smart home, found that a vast majority of consumers (72 percent) are looking for simpler, faster ways to help manage their lives, and over half admit to feeling that cooking (52 percent) and doing laundry (58 percent) take up more than the preferred amount of time. Consumers are also immensely interested in smart appliances that manage water usage and help them save money.

Across its portfolio of brands, Whirlpool Corporation is making significant advancements in digitally transforming how people cook, clean, and do laundry. The company will announce innovations at CES 2019 that take friction out of every step of the cooking and laundry process, and help consumers save money and reduce waste in the process.

The study also found that three-in-four respondents (74 percent) are interested in smart appliance features that reduce food waste. It also noted that 75 percent are interested in smart appliance features that manage water usage; 78 percent are interested in smart appliance features that help them save money; 64 percent say it’s important that their appliances help save on electricity costs; and 69 percent actively seek out products that can be personalised to their unique preferences.

The survey was conducted by Research Now on behalf of the Benton Harbor appliance maker and represents responses from consumers in the US, India, Brazil and France.


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