Women of the channel- The interpreter

Odile Aboumrad, partner technology consultant, EMC

Aboumrad began her journey within the IT industry, eventually moving into the channel side of operations as she enjoys helping partners learn, understand and apply a vendor’s strategies.

She began her career with a Cisco channel partner in Lebanon as a pre-sales engineer, and later joined Computer Associates (CA) where she lead the partner pre-sales support centre. She was then appointed partner technical consultant and was responsible for developing the channel across the MENA region for the company. “I was responsible for providing product sales and pre-sales trainings in addition to assisting partners in pre-sales presentations, as well as solution design,” Aboumrad says.

Her current role with EMC covers the entire Gulf region where she plays a crucial link between the company and its channel.

Over the years, Aboumrad has learnt that while women tend to be largely underestimated in the industry, hard work and dedication helps defeat stereotypes.

Coming from a technical background, she believes that in addition to her technical knowledge her ability to listen and gain a partner’s trust have to succeed. Passionate about willing, Aboumrad firmly believes that relationships an organisations builds within the channel ultimately dictates its ability to survive in the long run.

“I believe we need to invest in the channel. Vendors must learn with them, while teaching them for this will define their success. While the channel is motivated by revenue, it is established and driven by relationships,” Aboumrad says.

She derives motivation from her daughter, saying ‘children are proud of successful parents’and always aspires to be a good role model to her.

Aboumrad adds that if not in the channel industry, she would pursue a career in journalism. “I find that the job nature is exciting. Every day is different. While the role in itself demands a blend of working from the office and being out in the field, something I enjoy even in my current job,” she says.

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