Ericsson enters data centre market

At Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Ericssonis launching its new offering for building and optimising data centres. This is a prioritised area for telecom operators looking to offer public cloud-based services for their enterprise customers. Ericsson will demonstrate a new concept for planning, designing and implementing data centers and showcase a complete cloud computing platform, including cloud management and security.

Ericsson’s Data Centre Build and Data Centre Optimisation offering will meet increased demand for cloud-based services as enterprises seek to become increasingly mobile. With this offering, Ericsson enters the market for data centres and strengthens its position as an ICT player.

Paolo Colella, Head of Consulting and Systems Integration at Ericsson, says: “Operators are ideally positioned to offer high quality, high security and high availability cloud services to enterprises. We bring telecom-grade thinking to the cloud space, focusing both on availability and security of the services, as well as cost and efficiency gains for enterprise customers. And, in addition, cloud services bring new business opportunities for the telecom operators.

“Building a cloud solution will include a number of technological approaches. Within Ericsson’s services organisation, we will contribute with our key competence, looking at all of the aspects of the network architecture and how to build, optimise and operate the cloud.”

Ericsson’s cloud approach – from a Consulting and Systems Integration perspective – ranges from building new data centres to providing solutions for operators through a consolidation, modernisation and standardisation of existing IT environments.

With an optimised cloud strategy, an enterprise customer can lower its IT operating expenditure thanks to reduced need for software licenses, floor space and cooling. In addition, cloud services and access to the enterprise IT environment via fixed and mobile internet brings efficiency gains for the organisation.

Colella continues: “Ericsson’s global scale and skill, coupled with our experience in delivering more than 1,300 systems integration projects every year and expertise in mobile and fixed connectivity, means we can provide operators with new levels of flexibility and efficiency in their IT systems.”

Worldwide, Ericsson delivers more than 1,300 consulting and systems integration projects every year in multi-vendor and multi-technology environments to operators, governments, utilities and transport organizations. These range from end-to-end transformation projects to single-solution assignments.

Ericsson Consulting and Systems Integration and its 12,000 professionals are part of Ericsson Global Services, with 56,000 in-house service professionals working in 180 countries, including around 45,000 working close to the customer and more than 10,000 in our global centers. Ericsson has more than 65,000 service professionals, including an average of 15,000 subcontractors.

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