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Everdome paves the way for innovation in brand experiences

Everdome, a leading innovator in virtual experiences, proudly announces the public availability of the beta release of their groundbreaking product, Spaces.

This milestone marks a significant leap towards democratizing immersive digital experiences for individuals and brands alike. Launched in October 2023, Spaces has quickly become a game-changer in the virtual space industry. It provides a versatile platform for creating and sharing immersive virtual environments, unlocking new possibilities for collaboration, events, and brand engagement.

Spaces is designed to empower brands to redefine their online presence and engage with audiences in ways never before possible. Whether hosting virtual events, creating interactive showrooms, or crafting immersive brand experiences, Spaces is developing a ‘’Metaverse-as-a-Service’’ suite of tools that redefine the boundaries of digital interaction.

The launch of Spaces holds profound implications for the industry, setting a new standard for accessibility and inclusivity in virtual experiences. By making Spaces available to all, Everdome is enabling brands, big and small, to harness the power of immersive digital environments without barriers.

Commenting on the occasion, Everdome CEO, Jeremy Lopez said, ‘’Spaces represents a significant step towards making creation of immersive digital experiences and events accessible to everyone. We believe that rather than a sudden web3 revolution, there will be a gradual evolution as the best of web2 merges with the greater freedom, transparency and power of web2. With Spaces, we play our part in the evolution – creating an easier onboarding to the metaverse for all types of creators, allowing individuals and brands alike to start redefining their narratives in this new era of digital interaction”.

Created as a stand-alone application from their hyper-realistic Mars metaverse environment, SPACES addresses the ongoing challenge of accessibility in metaverse development, allowing a wider audience to take their first steps into the web3 world.

Lopez further emphasises, “Innovation should be within reach of all, and Spaces is our testament to that belief. We invite brands to explore the endless possibilities that Spaces unlocks, as we continue to champion accessibility in the virtual realm”.

Everdome’s commitment to accessibility is evident in every facet of Spaces. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that brands can seamlessly integrate immersive experiences into their marketing strategies without requiring extensive technical expertise.

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